How To Hook Off Trending Topics To Get People Talking About Your Brand

November 17th 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

When it comes to PR, don’t forget to keep an eye on pop culture – it can give you a useful news hook to get some great coverage.

A quick example where we did this recently was the new series of The Crown on Netflix.

We work with Storied Collection – a new portfolio of iconic hotels that are steeped in history.

With a wealth of royalty having stayed at many of the properties in the collection, we knew we could use The Crown as a neat way of getting the brand mentioned.

So we highlighted some of these royal connections, before reaching out to press in advance of the series launch date.
One of our contacts at PA Media (the former Press Association) came good, loving the news hook, and subsequently writing up an article which was syndicated across some key regional titles, including,  Wales Online, Belfast Live, Derby Telegraph, Oxfordshire Live, Gloucestershire Live,
Buckinghamshire Live and several others – stretching its reach right across the UK.

With the history of the hotels the key selling point of Storied Collection – this was a great way of highlighting that and the team behind it were delighted.

So that’s just a very quick example of how it pays off keeping one eye on things that are on the horizon – be that key dates such as Christmas and Black Friday, or broader things that could appeal to a mass audience.

Want us to see what we can hook off for you to help get your brand some great coverage?

Just let us know if so!


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