How different generations interacting can get you PR coverage

December 21st 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

It’s not often you get five generations of one family together.
In fact, the record for the UK is six generations in one room – so five is super impressive when you look at it like that!
But in care homes, a wide-ranging generational mix is relatively common, especially for birthdays and other landmark events.
We recently shouted about this for one of our care clients, CHD Living, which saw a 103-year-old resident, Kathleen, celebrate her birthday with her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren.
With five generations together, we knew there was a potential news story there.

Heading along to Kathleen’s birthday party, we created a video to celebrate it (something her family are able to treasure), which you can see here:

We then did a PR push, highlighting the multiple generations who were present and offering some life advice from Kathleen.
This generated national media coverage, as well as dozens of regional pieces.
It included the Independent, the Evening Standard, ITV, MSN, the Irish Independent,  
As well as the Southern Daily Echo, Scottish Herald, Basildon Daily Echo, Inverness Courier, Brighton & Hove Argus and many more.
And Surrey Live, the care group’s local source of news, published the video on its social channels.
It was a fairly simple thing, which happens all the time in care homes, yet it generated dozens of pieces of news coverage for CHD Living, and a lovely video for Kathleen’s family.
Want us to do something similar for you and your residents?
Just let us know – we love spreading joy and positivity!

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