How an effective call to action can evidence your marketing success

October 22nd 2023 By Pic PR 2 minute read

Did you know that loneliness is one of the biggest causes of death in older adults?

It can lead to all sorts of health issues – from depression to dementia.

Throughout October we’ve been looking to help counteract this by supporting the Adopt a Grandparent charity through its ‘Wanted’ initiative.

With 100,000 volunteers already on the books thanks to our previous PR efforts, this time around we’re looking to encourage more ‘grandparents’ to sign up to the scheme.

Focused on helping people to form intergenerational bonds of friendship – it’s all about alleviating loneliness and helping people to connect with others.

With the campaign focused on encouraging older persons in receipt of care to sign up, it’s set to be an ongoing effort over the next few weeks and months.

As part of the drive, we’re shining a spotlight on individual volunteers – which includes some famous faces in the likes of Hollywood actor Ruby Rose and UK media personality Jess Impiazzi.

To get the ball rolling, ahead of Grandparents’ Day in early October, we started our press shout out, achieving national media coverage in the print edition of the Sunday Express.

And Shaleeza, the CEO, has also been interviewed by the Mail Online for a piece on loneliness.
We then focused on the care trade press to get in front of our key care provider target audience, which has seen multiple pieces of coverage across the likes of The Carer, the Caring Times, Home Care Insight, Care Home Professional and Care Talk Business.

On top of this, we also targeted the local press of some of the volunteers – securing press coverage in the likes of Sussex World and the Crawley Observer. This focused on Shae, a volunteer who also works for one of the charity’s main sponsors – Irwin Mitchell solicitors – meaning the coverage was of extra importance to Adopt a Grandparent.

With a social push happening alongside our PR efforts, the Wanted campaign is seeing more and more care homes sign up – with almost 60 new homes having joined the scheme in the last couple of weeks.

So, not only are we getting the press coverage then, the call to action is also working – demonstrating the proof in the pudding and showing the value of our endeavours.

With a view to making a real difference through positive pairings, it’s a fantastic scheme to be involved in. So, if you know of any care residents who you think would benefit from companionship, sign them up via the landing page.

And if you want help with your care home marketing too? Just get in touch with us. We’d love to help.

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