Host Group Press And Influencer Trips And Get Maximum Engagement

May 9th 2023 By Pic PR 2 minute read

Do you work with influencers at all?
Most hotels tend to get requests from influencers, even if they don’t actively reach out to them.
Often though, relying on that approach means you tend to get the influencers on the rise rather than established ones – which limits their impact.
Influencers with bigger profiles already usually have more than enough collaboration requests to handle so don’t tend to do active outreach.
Here at Pic PR though, we deal with top tier influencers and journalists day in and day out. So we’re adept at managing their needs and securing opportunities.
Here’s a quick example.
Recently, we hosted an influencer retreat at one of our hospitality clients, Bryn Tanat Hall.
A remote venue found bang on the border of England and Wales; the challenge can be getting people to go there – with no obvious attraction nearby other than the magnificent splendour of the countryside.
Bryn Tanat’s location, whilst challenging from a travel perspective, is also its biggest asset – offering a wonderful opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for some delicious seclusion and relaxation.
Wanting to highlight this, we seized on International Women’s Day as a great opportunity to host an all-female wellbeing retreat with a suitably eye-catching itinerary.
Incorporating Pilates, meditation, yoga, woodland walks, cold water immersion (in the adjacent river), spa treatments and more, the plan ticked all the wellness boxes – so we reached out to a mix of influencers and press contacts as we sought to pull together a group press trip.
With the call out attracting a high level of interest, we looked to focus on those who had a specific appeal to wellbeing enthusiasts.

These included @graces_adventures (67.4K Instagram followers) 
@freya_adventureawaits (39.3K followers), @barefoot_ventures (36.7K followers) @xcarlydaviesx (28.3K Instagram followers) and @alice_keeg (23.6k Instagram followers), as well as some press contacts – including journalists from Grazia and The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine.

With the group heading to Bryn Tanat for two nights for the retreat, they captured and published a raft of social media content.

Throughout and in the immediate aftermath, the influencers’ social coverage saw Bryn Tanat’s engagement rocket – with a 1,615% jump in engagement on Instagram. The venue’s follower count also shot up, with more than 200 followers gained – amounting to a 20% increase on the pre-retreat total.

With the Fabulous Magazine journalist unable to attend at the last minute, they still mentioned Bryn Tanat in a subsequent write up, while a more in depth focus on the retreat is in the present edition of Grazia as part of a round up on ‘Stylish Staycations’.
All in all, the retreat was a fantastic success and the team at Bryn Tanat were delighted stating that they ‘absolutely loved’ the coverage – with booking enquiries immediately following as a result.
Want us to do something similar for you?
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