Going live to boost engagement and drive bookings

January 31st 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Do you ever go live on your social feeds?

If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to gain some great engagement.

Here’s a quick example.

We manage the social accounts of Billesley Manor, a luxury hotel in Warwickshire, where, rumour has it, Shakespeare penned As You Like It. It’s an historic manor house with lots of character – and the perfect place for weddings.

But, for 2023, the venue is light on wedding bookings – and the team there are keen to promote that aspect to try and drive that part of the business.

So we looked to help do just that on their social channels – proposing a novel way of doing so.

With reality television show, Married at First Sight, airing in the autumn last year and proving a smash hit ­– stars of the show had accumulated quite a following on social media.

The premise of the show sees people who’ve never met ‘marry’ and look to form a relationship together, with viewers enjoying what ensues.

From the last season, the only couple still together are Jenna and Zoe who have more than 250k Instagram followers between them – and are very much in love.

So, with a sizeable following, a firm association with weddings and a strong relationship, we looked to invite the pair for a stay at the hotel.

And, as part of this, they agreed to do an Instagram Live on the Billesley Manor Instagram feed, which they’d also share on their own channels.

This saw them chat to a couple of members of the Billesley team about all things weddings – with the conversation going on for a good half an hour.

This got some great engagement, including:

13,140 views of the live stream.
33,317 Instagram accounts reached (including 31,851 non-followers).
40,969 impressions (that’s the total number of times users saw the post).
More than 100 followers gained in its wake.

Following on from this, the team at Billesley have conducted further Instagram live chats with key suppliers, including a wedding photographer and a local wedding dress boutique, not only helping to showcase their wedding offering, but also helping to provide answers to queries/questions from interested couples.

And off the back of these chats, the team at Billesley have reported increased wedding enquiries as a result – demonstrating that the approach is working beyond just social engagement (which was also a key part of what they were looking to achieve).

Want us to help you do something similar? Just let us know!

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