Getting Your Home On Local Television To Raise Your Profile

October 20th 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Residents are the biggest assets of any care home (of course!).

And you can use the things they do and experience to get your home talked about by key media.

Here’s a recent example of how we go about it for our care clients at Pic PR

Last week, one of them, ACI Care organised for Pets as Therapy dogs to come in and meet its residents ahead of National Dog Day.

A seemingly small thing (which care homes up and down the country will do regularly), it was actually a great way to get some quick-win PR for the home.

With the awareness day giving it added relevance, media also love people (and everyone loves dogs!) so seeing older residents petting and enjoying the experience provided the opportunity for some lovely feel-good content.

Given this, we shared this with our press contacts, which saw ITV Meridian come to visit the home and film the dogs in action before airing it on their evening broadcast.

The team at ACI Care were delighted as it reached the perfect audience for them – those living within a commutable distance to the home, as well as the generations most likely to be considering a care home for their relatives.

It portrayed the home in a really nice light, showing happy residents, but, above all, a care home that’s willing to go above and beyond and do that bit extra to make people’s time in the home enjoyable.

Want us to do something similar for you?

We can help you spot the opportunities which you might be overlooking, or suggest new ways in which you can help generate that relevance.

Let us know if you’re keen, and we can talk through how we can raise your profile and help you generate those all-important resident leads.

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