Getting You Key Coverage Around Key Events

May 12th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Last weekend (as you’re no doubt aware!) the Coronation was widely celebrated.
And, whether you’re a fan of the monarchy or not, coverage of these celebrations was everywhere… so you couldn’t really miss it.
Alongside the rolling news covering every detail, brands aplenty were seeking to get in on the act and get their share of the limelight.
From household names to local outfits, thousands of businesses wanted in on the noise.
In a period of busy news though, getting your offering shouted about is far from easy – especially if you’re not already making noise about it beforehand.

Here at Pic PR though, we’re constantly speaking to our clients’ relevant media contacts, regularly updating them with what’s going on, which means there are already established conversations – so when a saturated event comes up, we’re in a place to be heard.

Take one of our care clients, Wellbeing Care for instance.

We helped secure one of their homes, The Dell in Lowestoft, extensive local coverage of their coronation celebrations at a time when all sorts of organisations are clamouring for coverage – and often doing very similar things.
Examples of the coverage included the Eastern Daily Press, East Anglian Daily Times, and the Lowestoft Journal – reaching the key target audience of people living relatively locally to their homes.
A relatively simple story, it helps highlight that Wellbeing’s residents leave busy and active lives, undertaking things that they enjoy.
Want us to do something similar for you?
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