Getting top tier press coverage by reacting to the news agenda

July 31st 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Getting press coverage doesn’t always involve lots of planning.
Sometimes it’s spontaneous and dependent on the news agenda.
‘Reactive’ PR is very much a thing and it’s a great opportunity to get you talked about on topics that apply to you.
Here’s a quick example where we did just that one for our hotel clients, Casa Cook, a group of seriously high-end hotels spread across Greece and Egypt – including Rhodes.

With the Rhodes wildfires dominating headlines around the world, it seemed that the entire island was ablaze and that any travel there would be off-limits or foolhardy at best.
But that wasn’t the messaging of the Greek government.
Only a relatively small section of the island was impacted, and a relatively small number of resorts. Most hotels were operating as usual with people continuing to enjoy their holidays.
Bookings though (understandably) were down, and many people were concerned about forthcoming holidays and whether they’d be able to even go on them.
Seeking to change the narrative and offer a different perspective, we looked to get Casa Cook in the conversation – the process of which saw us secure an interview with the Washington Post.
Jumping on a call with the journalist and the General Manager of Casa Cook Rhodes, the conversation resulted in the GM being featured in an article online looking at whether it’s safe to travel to Europe – exactly the topic Casa Cook wanted to be in.

With other publications taking the lead from the Washington Post, the article (and subsequently the Casa Cook brand) was syndicated around the world too in outlets based in the likes of South Africa and Ghana, with the pick of the bunch being the Sydney Morning Herald.

That’s just a quick example, then, as to how you can go about getting top tier, international press coverage by being reactive and proactive with the news agenda.
Want us to look at doing something similar for you?
Just get in touch, we’d love to help.

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