February 17, 2017 By PIC PR 1 minute read


Jeremy Meeks shot to fame following his arrest for possession of a firearm early last year.

His mugshot went viral because, aside from being an actual criminal, Meeks is guilty of being criminally good-looking!

The gun-toting wannabe gangster was released from jail towards the end of last year, and has this week been walking up and down the catwalk at the New York Fashion Show for Phillip Plein.

It’s a quite ridiculous – and somewhat extraordinary – turn of events for Jezza.  Six months ago he was walking around some dustbowl prison yard and now he’s modelling for one of the world’s biggest fashion houses.

People seem not to mind that he was part of a gang (in fact, tattoos have become so normalised in mainstream culture that even his gangland affiliations look designer and chic!), that he was in possession of a deadly weapon and that in 2002 he was convicted of beating a teenager to a pulp.

Those things seem pretty bad to me, but maybe they’re just on the right side of wrong. Well they must be, because I find it hard to believe that people would be commenting on his good looks if he had a criminal history to rival Jeffrey Dahmer.

And I’m kind of interested in how Meeks coped in prison. Here’s a guy going into the penitentiary system being declared “the hottest felon ever”, if that doesn’t make you a target come shower time, what does!?

I like to think he staged repeat viewings of The Shawshank Redemption prior to going inside. Just for educational purposes, not because he was thinking of tunnelling out.

Anyway, it’s all good PR for Jeremy and Phillip Plein. Jeremy is once again a celebrity in a world where six months out of the spotlight, whatever the reason, often renders you redundant. Phillip Plein are along for the ride as Jezza is wearing all their clothes, the brand being splashed across tabloids worldwide.

Let’s just hope Mr Meeks can remain trouble-free for the remainder of, well, his life. Because all that good publicity will quickly turn if he decides to once more wave a gun around in public or dance on the skull of a minor.

Best of luck with being professionally good-looking, Jez!

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