Emphasising Your Authority Through Your Expert Voices

November 9th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Do you make the most of your expert voices in your team?

They offer great opportunities to get your voice heard – and this is a drum we’ve long banged!

Here’s a quick example of what we mean.

We work with PillTime, a leading digital NHS pharmacy.

And PillTime’s superintendent pharmacist, Sadik Al-Hassan, is a specialist in his field.

With flu season fast approaching, we knew that winter bugs and other illnesses would be high on the news agenda for health reporters, so we put Sadik forward as an expert who was available to comment on the topic.

This subsequently secured opportunities that saw Sadik’s expert advice appear in print in a swathe of national publications – including the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express, the Irish Daily Mirror and The Daily Record.

And, what’s more we’ve repurposed Sadik’s input here to secure feature opportunities with the care sector trade press – most notably, Care Home Management Magazine, The Care Home Environment and The Carer.

This sees Sadik impart advice on how carers can go about keeping care residents safe from winter bugs – the key audience for PillTime’s dedicated care offering, PillTime Care.

So then, when you have expertise on hand, be sure to use it – it does an excellent job in conveying your capabilities and positioning you as an authority in your field.

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