How to Create a Killer Email Marketing Strategy (And Get Away With It)

May 30th 2024 By Pic PR 3 minute read

The cult classic legal drama, How to Get Away with Murder, starts with - well, an actual murder. 

Today, we’ll be doing the same. Yes, you read that right! 

Your Old Email Marketing Strategy is Dead

Deadweight, that is. You didn’t think we were going to kill a person, did you? 

No, we’re killing off strategy. The old strategy has got to go. However …

Long Live Your Totally Evil New Plan

 You’re going to need a new and improved email marketing strategy to replace the suspicious dead one. So it is:


1. Define Your Audience
First things first: select your prey. 

No matter what business you’re in, the success of your email marketing strategy depends on having a defined audience from the start. To effectively and efficiently get your message across to prospective customers or clients, you need to know them like the back of your hand. 

What are their hopes and dreams? What problems do they need solving for them? (What’s the code to their safe deposit box …?) 

2. Cut Them Up Into Groups
Identifying smaller sub-groups within your subscribers will make a huge difference to how personalised and relevant your emails are, thus increasing the likelihood of converting them. 

Sure, there are times when you’ll want to send an email campaign to your entire list, but most often - and for the best results - you want to target specific segments of your main audience. 

3. Set Yourself Sending Frequency Goals
Nobody wants to see the same name pop up in their inbox, day in and day out. It gets old very quickly. So, make sure you don’t overwhelm your subscribers with too many emails!

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to deciding the sending frequency for your email marketing strategy. However, you’d be wise to check your unsubscribe and click-through rates often - if the former is rising and the latter falling, that’s a sure indicator your audience feels bombarded. 

Wilkinson Sword are smooth! Over the past few years they have played on occasions such as Valentines Day and launched fantastic PR stunts.

This time it’s Fathers Day! They brought their ‘Dad-ication’ campaign to social media after launching a video pop up tent in London. They encouraged passers by to go into the booth and tell their dad’s what they are thankful for. As a result, participants got an engraved Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5.

Afterwards, they pushed it out to people on social media via Facebook and Twitter to win one of 30,000 engraved razors too. All participants have to do is use the hashtag #Dadication.

Wilkinson also commissioned their own survey to find out how the nation interacts with their fathers. Nearly half (49 per cent) greeted their dad verbally and less than a third (28 per cent) give their dad hugs.

The trick with this type of PR stunt is to play on emotions. Around Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Valentines Day, customers are feeling emotional and want to give to their loved ones. If you can create a great buzz around your brand while giving back to your customers, you have got the gold dust.

As it is Fathers Day coming up, I’m going to use this blog as my dad-ication –

Happy Fathers Day Dad! Sorry I can’t be with you, but hopefully next year we can be in the same country! Thanks for everything you do. You really are one in a million!

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