June 18, 2015 By ABBIE-JAYE WILSON 1 minute read


Rather than being despicable it seems one Minion has been having the time of its little life this week during a night at a museum.

This week footage emerged off a Minion, or a helium balloon for those of you with no imagination, floating around the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery while it was empty.

It transpired the Minion, made famous by the Despicable Me and Minion films, had been stuck floating on the ceiling of the museum and gallery.

But it was discovered on the ground of the museum and gallery this week.

What happened next is PR genius.

Staff at the BMAG tracked down the footage of the balloon’s escapades from CCTV, put an unusual soundtrack to it and uploaded it online.

The video shows the balloon as it makes its way through a variety of rooms and at sometimes it appears to almost be dancing along to the ballroom type music.

This is fantastic PR for the BMAG, not only has it got them in the public eye – the video has been viewed thousands of times. No, it’s also shown them to be a fun and friendly organisation up for a laugh and one that has quick thinking and reactive staff.

The novelty of the video has elevated the story beyond the regional and local press and it has appeared in the national press.

Fantastic news for the museum and gallery and perhaps even for Minion balloon sales.

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