‘Check in on those around you’ - A brilliant and Impactful Campaign

October 17th 2023 By Joe Gillin 2 minute read

In an era where mental health issues affect millions worldwide, the importance of raising awareness for such causes cannot be undervalued. One very remarkable and brilliant PR campaign that recently came to light tackled these issues in a way that resonated with the hundreds of thousands of people watching, and really tugged on the heartstrings of the audience. Picking up an astounding 400,000 views in the first week, it’s safe to say that this campaign has been very effective, and has most definitely been the go-to topic of conversation for a lot of people this week.

This particular campaign was a result of an amazing effort by the team at Norwich City Football Club. The video shows two men in their seats whilst watching a football match at Carrow Road, and each week they both turn up to support their team. One of the men is very energetic and is seemingly excited to watch and support his team every week, and clearly shows that in the way he’s acting. But this washes over the man sat next to him, who is very quiet and looks unbothered and subdued by what is going on in the game. However, a big turn of events happens, when only one of the two men turns up to the next game. The remaining man places down a scarf on the seat next to him, in memory of the man he used to sit next to. It turns out, the man who was seemingly so energetic and happy to watch his team every week, was really the unhappy one out of the two, and took his own life. 
A relatively simple idea, but one that hit home very hard for anyone who has seen the video. These are the most successful types of campaigns, because they resonate with the viewer in a way that will stick with them for as long as they can remember the video. This is so effective because it is a problem that we hear about every day, therefore we can take it and apply it into our own lives. 

Whilst the video has picked up a great amount of numbers in terms of views, shares and comments, it goes far beyond just the numbers. The campaign managed to spark conversations about mental health. Viewers started sharing their stories, experiences, and thoughts about the topic, catalysing a collective movement toward a more understanding and accepting society. This topic was once hidden in the shadows, with people not really wanting to talk about their experiences, or open up when times get hard for them. This video, however, is one of the things that is transforming the topic into something that can be spoken about more openly and empathetically. 

This campaign shows just how powerful narrative storytelling can be, as it is one of the only mediums which we can truly resonate with and relate to our own lives. The campaign was able to show a different perspective for mental health, which shows how everything isn’t as simple or clear cut as it seems. The campaign was able to challenge the stigma that surrounds mental health, making it a topic that people will be more open to speaking about. Campaigns like this aren’t just for getting seen or getting views, they’re all about making a genuine difference in the world, and this is definitely keeping us on the right track.

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