Charlotte Tilbury accelerates into the fast lane with F1 Academy partnership

March 12th 2024 By Amy Flynn 1 minute read

Beauty mogul Charlotte Tilbury has shifted gears and entered the world of Formula 1 as an official partner of the F1 Academy. The collaboration marks the first-ever global sports sponsorship of its kind, creating a buzz in both the beauty and motorsports industries. It’s a strategic move with potential benefits for both brands, and if you’re interested in how to create similar noise around your brand, read our tips on executing a creative campaign, or, you know, get in touch, so we can do it for you!

Why is this collaboration ground breaking? 

The partnership, aiming to empower individuals worldwide to embrace confidence, appears to be a savvy move for Charlotte Tilbury. By aligning with the F1 Academy, the beauty brand is not only breaking ground in a traditionally male-dominated sport but also championing the cause of female empowerment, whilst also adding a layer of social responsibility to its brand image, portraying it as a champion of women in unconventional fields.
charlotte tilbury formula 1 car
charlotte tilbury formula 1 car with driver

Attracting A Broader Audience

From a public relations perspective, this collaboration offers an opportunity for both Charlotte Tilbury and the F1 Academy to tap into new and growing markets. With 40% of F1 fans being female and a total viewership of over 1.5 billion during the 2022 season, the partnership seeks to capitalise on this growing audience. The beauty brand's global platform, with 6.4 million followers on Instagram, can play a pivotal role in expanding the awareness of the F1 Academy's talented female drivers, potentially attracting a broader audience to the sport.

Paving the way

This unexpected partnership sets a precedent for more surprising PR collaborations in the future. Brands may increasingly seek alliances outside their traditional industries to create attention-grabbing headlines. The collaboration of beauty and motorsports challenges conventional expectations, paving the way for other brands to explore unconventional partnerships that attract a diverse audience. Not to forget the efforts of the Heinz x Absolut partnership, but it will be interesting to see the reaction of other large players in the beauty field — Mac Cosmetics, Maybelline and Fenty Beauty, we’re looking at you…

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