Celebrating Your Residents To Get National Media Coverage

March 10th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Celebrating your residents is a fantastic way of getting wider recognition for your care home.

A prime example of this saw one of our clients, ACI Care, have one of their residents, Dorothy Latham, feature in a Metro article celebrating women for International Women’s Day. 

You can read it here.

While it also appeared in the print edition of the newspaper.

The article was headed ‘Celebrating 25 women whose energy, determination and strength enrich, change and save lives.’

88-year-old Dorothy, who used to be a headteacher, has continued to be true to her vocation, helping to support her care home manager (a former pupil of hers) as she studies for a history degree via the Open University.

Recognising a lovely story, we looked to push this to the press and this is what piqued the Metro’s interest, resulting in the subsequent coverage.

Dorothy featured alongside scientists, medical pioneers, human rights barristers and more as part of the article - much to her and the team at ACI Care's delight.

Making a fuss of your residents and highlighting their achievement is a great way of conveying your home as a place that really cares about the people living there – and this what we were looking to do for ACI Care.

Want us to do something similar for your residents?

Get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can help get your home talked about for all the right reasons.

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