Boosting Your Social Media Engagement Is Easier Than You Think. Here’s How…

September 23rd 2022 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Having a hotel at your disposal gives you an advantage over most brands as your offering appeals to practically everyone.

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hospitality experience, after all?

People love staying at hotels and you can really play on that to boost your social following, which in turn helps drive direct bookings and improve that all important bottom line.

As a quick example, we recently ran some social media competitions for one of our hotel clients, Stonehouse Court in the Cotswolds.  

A super simple concept, we offered up dinner for two in their newly opened restaurant on the hotel’s Facebook page – inviting people to follow Stonehouse Court, tag who’d they like to bring with them and then share the post.

Nice and straightforward with only minimal cost to the hotel, this generated 159 post likes, 267 comments and 283 post shares.

Whilst that on its own looks pretty impressive, the great thing about competitions is that it drives engagement elsewhere as more people start to follow the page.

This meant that across July (when the competition post was published), Stonehouse Court’s Facebook page saw the following increases:

Page likes +975%
Impressions +115.5%
Engagement +59%
Comments +5,928.6%
Social shares +1,000%

This one post as an initial spark helped drive further engagement elsewhere across the page – as evidenced here with some serious improvement in numbers.

Not content with this though, we launched a follow up competition a month later, but this time offering dinner, bed and breakfast, with the same requirement to like, comment and share (although this last one was optional, but with an extra competition entry chucked in as a sweetener if you did share).

With more ‘engaged’ followers on the page thanks to the previous giveaway, this second competition produced even more impressive stats.

The post announcing it saw 348 likes, 480 comments and 119 shares, while we also posted the competition on Instagram too, which generated an additional 178 likes and 255 comments.

For Stonehouse’s Facebook page in August then this saw the following increases:

Page likes +81.6%
Total impressions +22.9% (from 137,986 impressions)
Engagement +28%
Comments 248.9%
Shares +136.7%

While Instagram saw:

Engagements +208.2%
Likes +99.2%
Comments +4,033%
Saves +400

Giving away a meal or an overnight stay is a very straightforward concept, but it’s something that generates really impressive results – helping to spread awareness of your offering to new audiences.

You don’t need to overcomplicate social media; you just need to do it well.

Want us to help you? We can talk you through the strategy behind it and the pitfalls to avoid if you really want to nail it.

Just let us know if so – we’re more than happy to chat about what we can do for you!

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