Bedtime Lullabombs

March 3rd 2023 By Lloyd Hughes 2 minute read

My Twitter feed is an odd mix at present.
I follow lots of PR/SEO/digital marketing bods, as it’s a great way of gaining insight into the industry lay of the land, as well as getting some useful hints and tips around new ways of working and innovative approaches.
It’s also great for inspo, as you see what other brands are doing, whilst keeping well abreast of the news and spotting anything you can potentially jump on for your clients.
But it’s not just PR and the like.
A lot of it, these days, relates to the war in Ukraine.
Having always taken an interest in current affairs and geopolitics, I’ve been riveted by developments in the war, following a broad mix of accounts that offer expertise and live updates on the ground.
Much of it is harrowing.
I try not to desensitise myself too much, but drone footage of bombs being dropped into trenches, or artillery barrages on moving columns of vehicles, or even POWs being executed (in one particularly traumatic incident doing the rounds of late) is becoming so common on my feed it’s almost routine.
A campaign from ad agency, Mother, then, which fuses war and marketing is very much in tune with what I’m seeing – and it’s one that stands out more than most.
Working with War Child, a specialist charity for children impacted by conflict, the agency has created a series of landmine-shaped sleep aids for children, that plays the noise of real conflict – reflecting the reality for millions of children around the globe.
Coined Lullabombs, they’re a bit like Tonie boxes, but if the stories were machine gun fire and explosions. The sound effects are apparently genuinely captured from the warzones where War Child operates. And juxtaposing the innocence of childhood with the horrors of war really serves to hammer home the message.
Priced at £2,500, 100% of each Lullabomb sale goes directly to War Child, with six options: one for every war-torn country where War Child conducts its work. And while any sales will no doubt be a welcome addition to War Child’s coffers, as with any well executed PR and marketing ploy, the messaging behind it is where the true value lies.
I love this kind of stunt. Genuinely emotive and with a genuine sense of purpose behind it.
As marketers, our specialism centres on joining the dots and making connections to create something thought-provoking – either thought-provoking enough for you to buy a product, or thought-provoking enough to change perceptions.
For me, Mother is bang on the money here. So, tip of the cap to them.
Want us to help join the dots in your marketing and help formulate a hard-hitting campaign for your brand?
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