10th August 2022 By PIC PR 2 minute read

Making a good first impression is crucial.
Given seven seconds is the timeframe in which we’re apparently judged, we really don’t have long.
It’s not just people though. The same applies to businesses, and hotels are no different.
It doesn’t start at bricks and mortar. Nope, for hotels your first impression starts much earlier.
Usually it’s your website. How good is yours? If you were a guest, would you be impressed with what you see?
Your website is essentially your online face, and, put simply, it needs to be attractive if it’s to attract guests.
You want it to be a genuine reflection of your offering, with the colours, fonts, copy, pictures, design, page navigation and everything else complementing and elevating what you do.

If your website is in need of an overhaul, we have a series of teams, including design, video/photography and copy who can help with this.
We create the visuals, including logos, brand guidelines, eye-catching imagery, and highly detailed designs to provide an accurate visual representation of your hotel.
We work with our clients to ensure your tone of voice, products and services are captured in an engaging way that suits your needs and really makes those seven seconds count.

Here’s a couple of recent examples…
For Balmer Lawn Hotel & Spa, we worked on a full design and copy project, including a rebrand to mark its 25th anniversary, with everything tailored to fit their style. There’s an array of visual assets featured across the site; all of which were captured by our video & photography team. 


We’ve focused on encouraging direct bookings (to avoid those annoying commission fees), while we’ve made ease of navigation key – especially on mobile, while our copy team have researched relevant keywords and ensured they’re incorporated to meet SEO requirements and help with Google rankings.
A collaborative effort, the hotel team is delighted with the result.

Another very happy customer is Stonehouse Court Hotel on the edge of the Cotswolds. It’s already driven more bookings, especially to the restaurant (the client is particularly pleased with how that page looks). They wanted to attract more of the local/leisure market and they’re already seeing an uptick.

It wasn’t just their website either. The hotel team wanted to turn their room information into an experience, so we created a ‘newspaper’ filled with information about the hotel that the guest can sit down, enjoy a coffee and read on their arrival.
The newspaper showcases all sorts of aspects of the hotel, from accessibility to housekeeping, room service to menus and more, all of which really helps to convey the essence of the brand.
In a nutshell, at Pic PR we understand that portraying your hotel appropriately is essential to delivering on that all important first impression and it’s something we’ve done time and time again.

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