April Fools

April 5th 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

Are you a fan of an April Fools’ stunt?

It’s often marmite for brands. Some love it. Some don’t.

Well, we love it. And a lot of our clients do too.

Especially the team at Balmer Lawn hotel – a four-star property in the heart of the New Forest. With a ski-style lodge bar having been in place for a couple of years now and proving very popular, they fancied going to town on the theme for April Fools.

So, we went with it and created a story around the hotel having been granted permission to add a 60ft ski jump to the roof – something that would allow daredevil guests with a death wish to have a go post-meal and attempt to land in all year-round fake snow on the lawn.

With Eddie the Eagle Edwards a long-time friend of the hotel, we added in that he was all set to be the first to try the jump – a role he was happy to put his name to.

Sending out a release to hotel trade press, it was published by leading hospitality title, Boutique Hotelier:

While the social media activity on April Fools’ Day itself caused a real spike in engagement.

On Facebook, the post about it generated 9,376 impressions (a 733% increase when compared against their average Facebook post), along with 1,938 engagements (a whopping 6,582% jump when compared against the average). Instagram saw similar spikes – with most of the comments and emoji reactions very much seeing the funny side.

A quick, tongue in cheek idea then, got lots of people talking and lots of people laughing.

Good marketing is all about getting people’s attention in the right way, and this definitely ticked that box for Balmer Lawn.

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