Adding a creative spin to enhance your engagement

September 21st 2023 By Pic PR 1 minute read

If you’re aiming to get people looking at your offering, adding a creative or unusual spin can really make the difference.
You need to maximise what you’ve got going on and look to add a fresh take.
Here’s a quick example.
Earlier this year Balmer Lawn Hotel & Spa featured on the latest Monopoly board – the New Forest Edition.
That doesn’t happen every day, so, understandably, they wanted to shout about it as much as they could.  
Following a successful launch event with lots of PR coverage, we moved our focus to social and building the hotel’s email database.
I’m sure most people have played a game of Monopoly where someone has flipped the board over in rage about a dodgy banker.
So that got us thinking – what other stories are out there? 

We put a call out for the ‘Most Memorable Monopoly Moments’ on Balmer Lawn’s social media channels – where we looked to reward our favourite with a free hotel stay.
Fast forward two weeks, and 300 people had submitted an entry on the Balmer Lawn website. 
This generated some pretty impressive stats, with more than 15,000 new users visiting the website – a 21% increase when compared against August 2022.
Facebook also saw more than 150,000 impressions, which was a 24% increase on the previous month, with a 64% increase in link clicks.
And of those who entered and submitted their details, 77% were new signups to the database.
When it comes to selling stays – building the hotel database is crucial, and this was a fun way of doing just that, while maximising that Monopoly connection.
Not only this, we also PR’d the winner to the hotel’s local press – getting some nice coverage in the Lymington Times in print and the New Milton Advertiser, while it also appeared online.

Of course, while you don’t feature on a new Monopoly board every week, hotels have plenty of things we can add a novel spin to. Want us to help you work out what that spin is?
Just get in touch. We’d love to help! 

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