A Sound Solution for Happy Dogs

13th April 2023 By Amy Flynn 2 minute read

As a dog-friendly workspace, we are advocates for the wellbeing of our furry friends – well, most of us anyway – and welcome them into the office on a regular basis (you can see some of our canine visitors in our Valentine’s day vlog).

Along with their human companions, our furry colleagues have to endure the commute to work, which isn’t always a pleasant experience. The journey for dogs can sometimes be filled with anxiety due to various factors such as unfamiliar spaces, unusual sounds from the road and weather, uncomfortable temperatures and motion sickness. This is a common issue for dog owners nationwide, with Škoda's research revealing that six out of 10 dogs become anxious in cars.

However, a recent collaboration between Škoda UK and Dog Behaviourist and Nutritionist, Anna Webb, aims to address this issue. The Happy Hounds playlist, available on Spotify, is a scientifically proven playlist of songs that can ease travel anxiety in dogs. 

This comes at a good time as dogs are the most common pet in UK households, with dog ownership at 33%, and many of those being purchased in the pandemic. Plus, with dog-friendly hospitality and UK staycations becoming more popular, there will undeniably be more dogs travelling in cars, and a lot of owners wanting the experience to be as stress free and distraction-less as possible when driving.

Apparently, songs that emulate a dog’s heart beat can impact on their calmness during a car ride. The playlist includes songs by the likes of Harry Styles, SZA, Rihanna, Bob Marley and the Wailers, and Adele. To be fair, it sounds like a good, varied list, making it an enjoyable experience for both dogs and owners alike. Although, we’re not sure a Great Dane will enjoy the same type of music as a Chihuahua but we’re willing to give anything a go to ensure our pups arrive at the office feeling their best ready for a hard day’s work of napping, barking and being rewarded with treats. Or, you know, pooing on the floor – as sometimes happens in our office.

If you’re beginning to think that our entire workforce is made up of dogs, then you can check out the human, friendly faces that make up the rest of the team, here. And if you like the look of us, and what we’re about, why not get in touch!

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