A bargain B&M Christmas dinner

December 14th 2022 By Amy Flynn 2 minute read

When thinking about the best things about Christmas Day, I can guarantee that the Christmas dinner ranks near the top, following close behind spending time with loved ones, and the sharing of gifts. Although, an afternoon nap in front of the TV after the King's Speech can’t go unrecognised (I wonder if that will feel any different to after the Queen’s!).

If the task of cooking dinner falls on your shoulders however, then it might rank closer to the bottom of the list. Although, I’ve found that, after cramming down half a dozen roasties and sinking a bottle of wine, you realise you enjoy the fruits of your labour, and you’re happy to agree to do it all again next year.

It’s undeniable though, that the dinner prep is stressful. It’s a stress that starts long before the big day too. Not just adjusting timings and temperatures for the different foods, first you have to decide where to buy them from. And for some this might be a simple decision and an online food order delivered straight to your door. For others it might involve several different shop visits as your sister’s latest boyfriend only likes the gravy you can buy from Marks & Spencer. 

Of course, there is also the added stress this year with the cost of living crisis meaning some goods have soared in price. This has led to the supermarkets battling it out to offer the cheapest Christmas dinner bundle, with Tesco selling a £25 option and Asda coming in at £20 (if you haven’t already, check out Asda’s Christmas campaign). But pushing their way through the noise is the lesser known Heron Foods offering a £15 Christmas Dinner.

Now cheaper doesn’t always mean better but once finding out Heron Foods is owned by B&M, a bit more credibility can be added, because no one can deny the quality bargains you can pick up from its aisles!

The bundle consists of a turkey joint with stuffing, roasted carrots and parsnips, Brussel sprouts with bacon, cauliflower cheese, Chantenay carrots, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and – controversial for a Christmas dinner – Yorkshire puddings. All you could need for £3.75 per head!

There’s nothing like getting your brand name out there than with a Christmas campaign, and especially so when it’s one that offers to save you money too! The bundle already has fans in The Sun, The Mirror and Manchester Evening News – so some decent coverage.

Whilst you might be a little late for a Christmas campaign of your own this year, if you’re looking for some help to get your brand out there next year, get in touch. We love a bit of festive fun.

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