Zoella's calendar calamity continues

04 December 2017 | Lloyd Hughes

Zoella has had a hard time of it in recent weeks.

Her advert calendar, distributed by Boots, was largely ripped to shreds on social media thanks to its extortionate price tag. A whopping £50 payment got you a few tacky products, which, if bought individually, came to considerably less than the calendar costings. A cookie cutter, for example, was available for mere pence if bought in a homeware store.

Zoella apportioned the blame for the cost to Boots, claiming that, although she’d designed the calendar, the pricing was determined by the retailer – not her. Now, this was probably fair enough and in light of the backlash, Boots promptly halved the cost of the calendar to £25. A much fairer, although probably still expensive, reflection of its worth.

But while Boots was caught up in the scandal and accused of profiteering, Zoella was widely tarnished by her association.

At around the same time, tweets from years before emerged from Zoella’s timeline where she’d been less than complimentary, referring to ‘skanks’, ‘chavs’ and seemingly being derogatory towards gay men.

For someone who, so far, has done an excellent job of portraying a squeaky-clean image, it was a tough time for her.

Just when she thought the furore around her had died down…the advent calendar came roaring back to the fore, as it emerged a 12-year-old girl had found a Stanley knife in her calendar. A Stanley knife would probably make a useful cookie cutter, but for a child friendly product? PR disaster part deux.

It happened, no doubt, by unhappy circumstance, perhaps falling into the production area unnoticed out of a factory worker’s pocket. Accident or not though, it doesn’t say much for Boots’ quality control.

Unhappily for Zoella, the headlines have all been focused on her, when quite clearly this particular incident was no fault of hers. But put your name to something and you run the risk of being associated with it for evermore, even if you don’t have much hand in its delivery.

Celebrity endorsement is one of the major perks, but also one of the pitfalls of celebrity. I bet Zoella is ruing the day she agreed to partner with Boots and no doubt wiping her tears away with the fistfuls of £50 notes she’s received as part of the deal. Poor girl.