Yeezy money?

11 May 2018 | Daisy Rickards

It looks as though Kanye West may be digging for gold himself after the troubling weeks he’s had (see what we did there), as he hits headlines yet again this week.

Although the rapper has claimed on Twitter recently that his clothing line ‘Yeezy’ is ‘the 2nd fastest growing company in history’, something tells us that his new and exclusive collab with 2XU will not be following suit.

At 9am - sharp - West’s latest collaboration went on sale in a pop-up shop on Oxford Street and, if his last pop-up shop was anything to go buy, the streets were expected to be lined with eager fans and, we would imagine, the odd tent. However, shop assistants were left baffled when not a single customer was to be seen at the grand opening.

That's right, no tents, no queues of crazy fans who had been there all night, not a single soul!

Could this be something to do with the mass amount of controversy the star has created on Twitter recently or even the backlash from some rather inappropriate comments? For those, lucky few who do not follow the Stronger star on Twitter and are unaware of his random tweet outbursts - rather like a drunk aunt on Facebook - the star has been creating quite a storm on the social platform.

I would imagine Kanye’s PR team are uploading their CV’s to LinkedIn as we speak, after the star has riled up a few too many fans. In just two weeks alone, Kanye has befriended the most hated man in the world, Donald Trump, suggested that ‘slavery was a choice’ and even turned into a philanthropist on Twitter - is there anything he won’t do?

But could his career be over?

The old saying about there being no such thing as bad press, that simply isn’t the case. It’s eminently possible to alienate your own fan base…and West is starting to do just that.

As the rapper jumps on the US President’s bandwagon, even sporting the MAGA caps (Trump’s merchandise, not memorabilia from a dodgy holiday in Magaluf), we’re starting to see a rather unusual side of Kanye. We’re all aware, some more than others, of a certain ‘mid-life crisis’ that can occur during your…mid-life, however, could this be the end of the road for the star?

Not necessarily. Kanye could be ‘cleverer’ than we think. He does have an album coming out on June 1st (no free brand deals), so could this all be an extremely tactical, yet equally risky, PR stunt? There’s so much controversy surrounding him at the moment that we’d steer practically any client away from that course. But Kanye is Kanye, and if it helps sell his records, will he care? If the album is considered a work of ‘genius’, then this somewhat bizarre period of self-publicity may soon be forgotten, while his music probably won’t be. Time will tell.