Would You Attend Your Own Funeral

Would You Attend Your Own Funeral?

16 April 2014 | Pic PR

People often wonder what their own funeral would be like, but the only way to witness it is to have an out-of- body experience on their death bed. However, this wasn’t a religious experience for 6 people from Belgium.

The 6 people, were no ordinary people, they were speeding drivers, whose families are worried for their welfare.

As part of a new campaign The Belgian Road Safety Institute have produced a ‘Go Below Zero’ PR stunt to stop drivers from speeding. The 6 chosen drivers were under the impression they were meeting up with their friends before they were led into a room where they were seated in a funeral set up.

It soon became apparent that the funeral was for the drivers, as their families read out tributes of their lives, as they had died as a result of their reckless driving. The speed limit is similar to England’s, and with 767 deaths in 2012 in Belgium, Belgian officials have caused a crack down on speeding.

The campaign is moving, hard hitting yet done sensitively and to taste. Previous campaigns have been shocking, aiming to scare drivers with disturbing images of results of collisions which have been caused by speeding.

The ‘Go Below Zero’ campaign was filmed and has gone viral, attracting millions of viewers. The stunt has been successful, tackling a global issue which can easily be over come if only drivers had more patients on the road.

For these drivers, they are safe and alive. Other drivers may not be so lucky. Speeding not only puts the driver’s lives at risk but innocent lives too.

Watch the video and see how you feel.