World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day

17 July 2015 | Pic PR

Today is World Emoji Day so I thought is more than relevant to take a look at how these little characters are taking the world of communications by storm. Emojis were launched in Japan back in 1999 and since then have grown in popularity!

Brands are looking to grab the attention of the younger generation and prove that they are forward thinking, digitally savvy and relevant to mobile networks. Now, more than ever, marketing needs to get a message across quickly before the attention of the end user is lost forever.

There is a well-known saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’…and this is definitely true. Images can transcend cultures differences, language barriers and recently a linguistics professor from Bangor University has said that using emojis in texts and social media can help build successful relationships. Professor Vyv Evans revealed that emojis are now the fastest growing form of communication in the UK and actually encourage better communication

A recent survey led by the professor, which saw 2,000 adults interviewed, 72 per cent of 18 to 25-year-olds said they found it easier to put their feelings across in emoji icons rather than text. Bearing this in mind a Swedish children’s charity BRIS, have developed a special package of emojis to ensure that children who are victims of child abuse have an easy way to share their issues. Speaking about the app a spokesperson for the charity said “Every day we have contact with a great number of kids through phone, chat and mail conversation. Many of the problems that children face today are stigmatised and often have no one to talk to but us.”

So whether you’re a brand vying for the attention of your potential customers, a charity looking to make it easier for children to communicate with you or simply an everyday person trying to get your feelings across more freely to family and friends it looks like these little guys are going to be popping up for some time to come.