With Love from me to you

04 May 2017 | Liz Bowen

Sometimes the adage really does ring true – less is definitely more. 

So found pub owner Tom Hughes from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, when he asked his designer mate, Dave, to create an ad promoting four upcoming gigs at The Friars pub.

If you haven’t seen the poster yet, it is quite simply a copy of Tom’s iMessage conversation with Dave.

You what, I hear you ask? He printed off a text conversation? That’s not very creative. Oh, but it is…

The beauty of the design is its simplicity and what makes it so incredibly effective.

It also plays on the notion that people are inherently nosy – be honest, who hasn’t ever taken a sneaky peak over the shoulder of the person next to them as they send a text message and wait eagerly for the reply?

There’s some debate over whether the poster is ‘real’ or whether Dave actually went to the effort of designing said recreation, but whatever he did – it’s worked.

It’s got all the information punters need to know including dates, the name of the acts and the time of the performances, all in an easy to read format. Lovely.

Not only has the poster reached the people of Shropshire, it’s reached the dizzying heights of social media fame having received over 26,000 retweets and 68,000 likes on Twitter, having been tweeted by Sweden-based designer Tom Wysocki.  

Reporting the story on its website, the Daily Mail has even featured five paragraphs describing the pub and its history, plus an early plug for the Bridgnorth Music Festival which it will host next month. Not too shabby.

With big organisations paying thousands for agencies to create huge campaigns, featuring all the bells and whistles to promote their events or products, Dave’s gamble is refreshingly original.

Well done, Dave. We love you too. I think you deserve a beer on the house after that.