Who’s this Capaldi fella?

01 July 2019 | Lloyd Hughes

If you didn’t know who Lewis Capaldi was ahead of this weekend’s Glastonbury festival, there’s a good chance you do now following his ruddy brilliant stage entrance.

Although, if you are still sat there thinking “Who’s this Capaldi fella?” you’re not alone.

Rock superstar Noel Gallagher posed that very question, albeit bookended with more colourful language, revealing he did in fact know who Lewis Capaldi was, he just didn’t much like what he knew.

For the uninitiated, Lewis Capaldi is a twenty-two-year-old Scottish musician whose recent chart success has seen him sat at number one for five weeks with his release of “Someone you loved”.

Of course, it’s a more than decent song, but what’s helped to keep it there is Capaldi’s use of social media to promote himself and raise his profile. His self-deprecating humour is winning him legions of fans, regardless of his capacity to carry a tune. Some of his Instagram stories are comedic gold, where he openly mocks his less than athletic physique and supposed celebrity status. An incident involving a toilet brush and a hotel room loo being a particular highlight.

Given Oasis are right up there in the pantheon of rock though, Capaldi would’ve been well within his rights to be dismayed by Noel’s criticism that his music is w**k (sounds like tank). But rather than curling up into a ball and sobbing into his pillow, he opted instead to embrace Noel’s derogatory assessment, revelling in the fact that because the megastar knew who he was, he’d effectively made it – “I’ve peaked”, as he framed it.

Despite believing he’d peaked at that moment, Capaldi had greater heights in him – which manifested in his Glastonbury entrance.

Paying homage to Britpop culture, and following a brief video intro highlighting Noel’s less than favourable analysis of his musical ability, Lewis swaggered on to stage in true Oasis fashion; parker coat and fishing hat on, both of which he then whipped off to reveal Noel Gallagher’s face emblazoned over a heart on his t-shirt, while Naughty By Nature’s “Here comes the money” blared out.

The crowd, understandably, loved it and so did social media, with the entrance sure to be an iconic entry in the annals of Glastonbury - and rightly so.

A resounding tip of the cap to Lewis Capaldi. Taking the piss on that magnitude is a magnificent riposte. By countering what could’ve been a crushing blow for an upcoming artist, he’s done his PR the world of good with his thick-skinned nonchalance.

He didn’t stop there either. The Gallagher brothers, along with their music, are famed for feuding, and with Liam Gallagher a fellow Glastonbury headliner, Capaldi seized the opportunity to get a photo alongside him, uploading it to social media with the caption ‘R KID’, a colloquialism the Mancunian duo are well known for, and yet another dig at Noel.

All in all, it’s some top work from Capaldi and, indeed, top trolling.

Glastonbury is a massive event and merely performing there is a huge achievement. But given the fact he’s made such a splash with his entrance, Capaldi will no doubt have festival organisers clambering over themselves to sign him up – and with popularity comes pounds, so here comes the money indeed.