What were Miu thinking?

25 August 2017 | Kate Owens

So, I don’t think us Brits can deny that once again, we have been dealt a rather shabby summer. To be honest I haven’t really moved too far away from my knitwear.

But, we have to admit we are indeed nearing the end of the summer. August bank holiday is upon us and the weather is most definitely changing. And in the fashion world, the end of summer signifies the beginning of “fall” and designers have already started presenting their new collections for the winter. Crazy I know – even after our very British summer, I think we’re all trying to hold onto the last of our summer wardrobe and question how long we can continue wearing our flipflops?

However, for one designer, the release of their new collection hasn’t exactly gone as planned, as soon after releasing their winter line, several items have had to be retracted. Milan-based and Prada-owned fashion brand Miu Miu hit headlines this week after releasing some clothing with five-pointed yellow star containing the name ‘John’ stitched to the front of them. Miu Miu have received some backlash for releasing these items and have sparked controversy as the star has a strong resemblance to the six-pointed Star of David sewn onto the clothes of Jews during the holocaust in the second World War.

All three items of clothing displaying the star – a dress, a skirt and a jacket were all pulled as soon as the blogger Jewish Chick snapped a photo of the dress and brought it to the attention of her following.

Soon after the garments were withdrawn, a spokeswoman for Miu Miu, Preia Narendra addressed Jewish Chick and the World Jewish Congress and stated: “It was not Miu Miu’s intent in any way to make any political or religious statement, and we apologise for any offence that may have been taken.” The Jewish Chick went on to share this apology as a victory with her 26,000 followers on Facebook with lots of them in agreement that it was an “offensive” and “disgusting” embellishment and that the clothing should never have been designed.

So, I think we could all agree that it’s understandable how these garments could cause offense and question exactly WHY did Miu Miu release the items when there is an easy link to the anti-Semitism of WWII.

But let’s not forget – summer is ending and “fall” collections are hitting the runway in Fashion Week in just under two weeks… if this was meant as a publicity stunt from Miu Miu, I think it may have gone slightly amiss this time…