What the Heck?

11 July 2019 | Jo Doverman

A popular sausage brand has come under fire this week after an absolute flop of a PR stunt hit the headlines, resulting in a nationwide boycott – ouch.

Heck produces meat and meat-free burgers and sausages for the modern age. Its cool branding and super-trendy vegan range has proved popular with millennials across the country and you’d think, so far, its PR and marketing team had a really strong comms plan behind it, helping catapult the brand to fame.

What hasn’t been so smart, however, is its recent PR stunt with Boris Johnson. Heck invited Boris to its factory for a tour and to make his own ‘Boris Bangers’.  That’s right, a company with over 50% Eastern European staff in its team, invited a Tory leader who is pro-Brexit to come and make his own bangers. And let me tell you, the photograph of Boris holding a string of pale sausages cannot be unseen…

The stunt has not gone down well with consumers, with one miffed Twitter user asking why Heck would want to use a “racist homophobic liar” to promote its food – can’t argue with that!

Following the backlash online, Heck produced a rather wordy retort, claiming it does not “specifically endorse any candidate” which is interesting - it is literally the creator of the BORIS BANGER and had the MP pose for the cameras with friendly Heck sausage makers and a string of his own branded sausages around his neck. If Heck is so sure it does not “endorse any candidate” specifically, where’s the Jeremy Hog or an equally witty sausage name for Gove or Javid?!* Where’s the equality?!

The Boris Bangers, if anyone is interested, is a classic mix of pork, mash, mustard and red wine. Quite likely the ingredients of the MP’s staple diet too.

Anyhoo, a serious PR fail on Heck’s behalf. Let’s hope its next PR stunt goes off with a bang hey ;)

*Suggestions welcome.