What a difference 8 years makes

11 January 2017 | Jess Seal

I always vowed that I’d never write about politics on the Pic PR blog!

This isn’t because I’m anti-politics, it’s simply because I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to talk about the goings on in the political world today. But, after President Obama’s farewell speech, which took place in the early hours of Wednesday 11th January (UK time), I feel it would be a huge oversight not to have a blog post about the Obama’s and how much I think they rock!

As I said, I don’t know much about politics nor do I know a huge amount about the Obama’s, but what I do know is that over the past eight years Barrack Obama has been a successful President. He might not be for everyone, so if you’re not a fan I’d stop reading now, but for those who (like me) love the Obamas and simply want to know more, have a read below and hear from a 25-year-old British woman taking her first step into the world of political jargon…

As we all know, by 20th January 2017, Donald Trump will officially take over as President of the United States and yesterday current President, Barrack Obama, gave his final farewell speech in his home town of Chicago. The speech has been a huge talking point on the news and social media today with a highlight being when he listed some of the great achievements he, his wife and their party have made over the past eight years. Throughout his Presidency, Barrack has been successful in creating marriage equality, shutting down Iran’s nuclear weapon programme without firing a single shot and securing the right to health insurance for 20 million citizens – to name a few!

Obama also paid a touching tribute to the sacrifices made by his wife, praising her for taking on the role with ‘grace and grit and style and good humour’ and for making the White House ‘a place that belongs to everybody’. Making the White House a place that belongs to everybody is something I feel the Obamas, Michelle in particular, have done extremely well. Michelle has allowed access into her busy lifestyle and into her home to let us mere mortals see what life behind the closed doors of the White House is like.

A time when I really became fascinated with Michelle and her life as the First Lady was after her Carpool Karaoke with Late Late Show host, James Corden. Throughout the video we see Michelle talking about her life with Barrack, singing to her favourite songs and just having fun, and when watching her in interviews like this we see that Michelle is a real person and this resonates with people like me. Another recent favourite was her Farewell interview with Oprah in which she welcomes the audience into her home and discusses the ups and downs of life in the White House.

Taking part in these fun, behind the scenes style interviews and videos is great PR for Michelle and the Obamas because it gets people talking about the issues raised.  Many politicians do not allow real access into who they are and what they stand for. More often than not, we will see politicians reading a speech in front of a large audience about a subject matter and for people like me who aren’t overly into the world of politics this just doesn’t work. I switch off or simply don’t understand what they’re talking about and this is where I believe the Obamas have found success. They address the audience in interesting and realistic formats – if they make a mistake they laugh, if they’re sad they cry and most importantly, they’re honest.

In my opinion, the eight years that both Barrack and Michelle have been President and First Lady of the United States has been a huge success. They have made the world of politics easily accessible to people like me and I believe this is great PR for the Obama family brand and well as politics as a whole.