"We're in the...doo-doo"

04 May 2018 | Kate Owens

So earlier this week you may have heard that two of the “Big Four” supermarkets have merged together… ASDA and Sainsburys. That’s right ‘bargain-bucket’ ASDA and ‘Taste the difference’ Sainsbury’s have joined forces!

I think perhaps the first question that entered everyone’s minds was, “What will their merged name be? SASDA? Asbury's? Or maybe something completely radical and out-of-the-box like…World Domination-Mart – WDM for short?

Incidentally, we did a fully representative (whoever happened to be about on Twitter at the time) survey of 16 people to gauge the lie of the land, which revealed Asdacadabra to be the favourite of the masses, gaining a whopping 50% of the votes (8, when you boil it down). We’d like to think that’s food for thought for whatever big player branding agency gets on board…but no new name has been released as of yet (if indeed it ever will, and they continue as two separate brands ala Paddy Power Betfair).

What does this mean for the supermarket market though (see what I did there)? Well their £15billion merger will make it Britain’s biggest supermarket chain, taking charge of the majority share of the market. And even though this could result in lower prices for consumers, it unfortunately could also contribute to a rise in unemployment in the UK as there’s a lot of speculation on how many employees will lose their jobs.

But among all the hearsay and predictions as to what will happen from the mega-merger, the Chief Executive, Mike Coupe, got his shopping bags in a twist this week. Whilst waiting to be interviewed on ITV, Mr. Coupe, unaware that his microphone was on, got caught singing the 42nd Street favourite “We’re in the money”.

Three words now come to mind:

What. A. Plonker.

Cue the crisis management.

He defended his actions by stating that he was trying to compose himself before the interview and that the song was stuck in his head after seeing the musical…last year! You would have thought he would have paid more attention to his media training…where singing ‘We in the money’ after a massive merger should become “PR no, no 101”.

Definitely not the best start to the merger, especially when ASDA and Sainsbury’s employees are already worried about their job security.

And what does it mean for the rest of us? Well, prices are supposed to fall, SASDA are going to try to do their best to entice customers over from European rivals Lidl and Aldi. And let’s be honest, who’s not going to be enticed if the goods have Sainsbury’s quality and ASDA prices?

I think it’s safe to say though, that Mr. Coupe will be abstaining from his live interviews, or perhaps next time he’ll think of a different song to get “stuck in his head”, maybe the chorus from Band Aid perhaps…although even that doesn’t come free of controversy these days.