Welcome to Canterburger, you

Welcome to Canterburger, you'll never leave

13 July 2015 | Liz Bowen

The opening of a new restaurant is always an exciting time for any town or city; it signals economic prosperity and a fancy new menu to tickle the taste buds.

So, naturally, there’s always a bit of a hoo har in the run-up to launch day – invites are sent, press releases are written, social media hashtags go viral etc.

But not in Canterbury, oh no. Drivers heading into the historic city must have thought they were a bun short of a burger as they passed official road signs welcoming them to Canterburger.

Although the council has now removed all the signs, they no doubt did their job – grabbing people’s attention.

It is not quite certain who organised the stunt, but with burger chains Byron Burger opening recently in the city and Gourmet Burger Kitchen opening its doors today, social media has been rife with rumours about who is responsible.

And that’s the key to a good PR stunt isn’t it? With no fanfare, just some expertly designed and laid out signage, social media and the local press are ablaze with whodunit?

It’s unlikely that either Byron Burger or Gourmet Burger Kitchen were behind the stunt – let’s be honest, it’s not like either of them need a boost in the PR department and they’d probably be rather vocal about it. After all, the point of any campaign is to generate column inches.

So let’s take this victory for the city of Canterbury as a whole. While no-one is really talking about the two burger chains in question as a result of this stunt, what people are talking about is Canterbury and its growing food offer. I know for a good burger, I’d travel just about anywhere …

This may be the work of a vigilante, but it just goes to show that all PR is good PR. Within reason, obviously.