Watch Out! Virgin Train-deer on the loose

Watch Out! Virgin Train-deer on the loose

04 December 2014 | Pic PR

So how on earth do you get a national train company to get in the festive spirit? Create a Traindeer of course! Last week Virgin Trains revealed a ‘Traindeer” on to their network, which was inspired by the winning entry for their Christmas card competition.

The winners, Ella and Ruby Prior two sisters from Cheshire, had their Christmas card Reindeer design transformed on to a Virgin Train (complete with red nose!). The surprise unveiling happened at Manchester Piccadilly station on November 28th where the two sisters were whisked off to the station by their parents not knowing they had in fact won the competition.

Their design had impressed the judges so much that they decided not only to produce this into a Christmas card but went the extra mile to transform it in to a real-life Traindeer. The winning artists found out the great news when the festive-themed train pulled up alongside them before being congratulated by Father Christmas himself.

A statement from one of the judges of the competition, Joanne Guinnane said:

“We loved the concept of Ella and Ruby’s design as it was fun and caught our eye as a stand out picture, with the Virgin Traindeer logo and the antlers with the red nose! It really was very different from the rest and the fact that they had cleverly called it a “traindeer” was a lovely touch.

The Traindeer is looking to run on the Virgin Network until 9th of January and is expected to carry around 65 000 passengers during this festive season. The girls winning Christmas cards also go on sale in various stations: Stockport, Macclesfield, Stoke on Trent, Stafford, Crewe, Liverpool and Runcorn, Lancaster, Manchester Piccadilly with the proceeds donated to the Riff Raff Charity.

This was a lovely touch by Virgin and a great way to receive some positive press!