Throughout each week the Pic PR team pic apart good and bad PR stunts that have recently taken place, and write a few thoughts. We also like to comment on other things happening in our world too. So have a read…

Popping a PR corker

Imagine being a waiter or waitress working in a restaurant and, with the customer requesting a certain vintage bottle, you duly head off to the wine

A Stella performance

The typical Brit’s lifestyle is jam-packed with responsibilities, errands, a full-time job… without leaving room for much else. Finding the time for a

Christmas Tree Crisps

“What’s your flava? Tell me what’s your flava, mmmm” So for those reading this and who don’t have the foggiest what I’m referring to, it is Craig David’s

Doing it for the ‘gram

Facebook. Meh. That’s what an increasing number of the social media savvy are concluding. Influential pollster the Pew Research Center reported this year

A Poor Imitation

The launch of EA Sports’ latest FIFA football game is an annual event that football loving gamers the world over look forward to. Even though the

Airline feels the pressure

I’m going to start this blog with some cold, hard facts. Ready? The UK has a population of just over 65 million people, with more than 21 million of those

Risk it for a biscuit

Oreo, arguably one of the nation’s favourite biscuits, has undertaken a concerted campaign to get people on-board with its calorific delights, as it bids

Body Confidence Gurus

Unfortunately for the society of today, we live in a world where it’s accepted to edit our bodies online to make ourselves look slimmer and more toned

Reach for the skies

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking…” – the words most of us look forward to hearing, since it generally means we're about to embark on a

If Carlsberg did bars…

We all know the adverts from many moons ago - ‘if Carlsberg did x, y, z, they’d probably be the best in the world”.  Their arrogance won over the

Britain's Selfie Queen

Kim Kardashian. Self-proclaimed selfie-lover, sister of four and renowned for her rather large behind. Daughter of Rob Kardashian (close ally of OJ

Face up to it

At what point in beauty history did it become totally shameful to acknowledge stretch marks, pores, scars and all the lumps and bumps we have on our

Orchestrated outrage

Boris Johnson is toeing a delicate line. On the face of it, his burka looking like a letterbox comment (if you don’t know what I’m on about, then I doubt

Riches to Rags

We don’t like our local councils at the best of times. The rising council taxes, disregarded potholes and bin day mix-ups can be very frustrating. But as

A sinking SeaWorld ship

SeaWorld Orlando used to be the go to destination for UK holidays to Florida when I was a child. I went (*bows head in shame*), and so did plenty of my

A Field Full of Gold

Being in a field surrounded by hundreds of Golden Retrievers sounds a lot like a dream that any dog-lover might have.  Well, believe it or not, this

House of Horrors

Tut-tut Persimmon Homes. I’m not at all surprised at hearing about the lack of care and unfinished work on one of its developments in Newquay,

A dive in public opinion

Elon Musk seems to have lost the plot yesterday. Smarting at one of the cave dive rescuers of the Thai football team describing his submarine idea as a

Lip Service

Ever since the Kar-Jenner clan burst onto the scene back at the turn of the new millennium (thanks to Kim’s naughty vid) we’ve been obsessed with them and

Sir Gareth?

Well, I don’t want to jinx it or anything but it looks as though England have a good chance of winning this World Cup - and us Brits (the English ones at

Silly Samsung

Mobiles phones these days, hey? They’ve come a long way since the trusty Nokia 3310 and our devices are now practically an extended limb with many of us

Danish Delight

We’re all talking about it, it’s gracing our screens every day, and is continually dishing up tasty drama, so it’s only fair we take the time to talk

A lonely pint

Aaron blogged about this last week, but French Connection UK it, I’m doing it too. You can read his apology, and reasoning for doing so here. We tweeted

ASOS is Ace

The fashion world is not an area I’m usually that compelled to write about. Plus, Kate tends to beat us all to the post when Missguided stirs the PR

Some decent bear baiting

It’s happening. Paddy Power on the blog…again. This time for a top-notch World Cup centric PR stunt surrounding LGBT rights in Russia. The bookmaker

A rose by any other name

There are some people within the public arena for whom everything they touch appears to turn to gold. Such is the anticipation for Adele’s next

Polarising Paddy Power

This time four years ago Lloyd wrote in a blog, ‘I probably give Paddy Power too much blog time’ and here we are, four years later, talking about the PR

Love Island Love In

How can it be the 1st June already?! The year so far has flown by. Abbie reminded us in the office the other day that in only a few weeks’ time – from the

Gregory + Gregory = Greggs

Sausage rolls, cheese & bean toasties, steak slices! The perfect hangover remedy when you’ve had a few too many wines the night before. Also, the

Clean Eating KFC

Nowadays, when you mention that you indulged in a KFC last night to your colleagues in the office, a certain disgust comes over their faces as to why you

Spitting feathers

When you think of ‘chicken’ surely the first word on most people’s lips is ‘Nando’s’. If you’re a millennial, you should probably make that two, after

Markle & Sparkle

So, if you haven’t heard - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to wed tomorrow at St George’s Chapel at 12pm, and if you genuinely haven’t heard you’ve

Abnormal PR

I think it’s fair to say that most people underestimate the work that goes into running a social media account for a company or brand. It’s not simply a

A Royal F*** Up

Thomas Markle has been in the news over the weekend for all the wrong reasons ahead of his daughter’s marriage to Prince Harry this Saturday. The Mail on

Fashion victim

ICYMI, last night marked the fashion orgy that is the Met Gala Ball. Each year, the great and the good of Hollywood, the music industry and everything

A meaty treat

Instantly recognisable from the big-hitting celebrity cast, iconic New York apartment and that annoyingly catchy theme tune, Friends is arguably the most

Good, Unnatural Food

Coffee and sandwich shops have been making the rounds this week in the media, but for a very mixed bag of reasons, good and bad. Costa Coffee has pledged

Last orders for Wetherspoons' social

Pub brand JD Wetherspoons has opted for a surprise social media move by deleting all of its 900 social media accounts – including its head office and

That’s not ASDA price

Trip Advisor is both a blessing and a curse for those working in the hospitality business. If your reviews are good then it can provide an excellent boost

You've been served

Amongst its many benefits – and pitfalls – social media has been a lifeline for consumers looking to have their complaints (and complements) taken

Bunny funny

Poundland caused controversy over the festive period, as it used the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ phenomenon to create a social media stir – mainly by posting

....and Dec

Ant without Dec is like bread without butter, coffee without cream, yin without yang… ok you get the point. But can you really imagine one without the

Spit it out

We all know that football fans can be hooligans sometimes and you may even know a few yourself - they’re not hard to come by. However, this week it wasn’t

Turning things upside down

Yesterday marked International Women's Day (yes we’re still talking about it) and people far and wide were coming up with creative, inspirational ways in

Crocodile Rock?

So, I’m not sure Lacoste has sold one of their iconic crocodile logo’d tees since...maybe the 80s? However, this week they’ve come back into the fashion

Plastic Fantastic

This decade, there’s been a massive push towards reducing plastic waste. From some supermarkets stopping the sale of plastic bags, to being paid to

Creme crackers

So, apparently it turns out people have no life – if you hadn't already realised – and that a Tuesday night in the UK on Twitter can be completely turned

Bad Hair Day

Another week and another blog post reference to McDonald’s – maybe it’s because I’ve ‘gone vegan’ for Lent and am reading stories about the fast-food

Burnt Dragons

So, it turns out Dragons’ Den is still going. Forgive me if I’m alone in this, but I thought it had given up the ghost ages ago and was merely on the

Not so rock ‘n’ roll

As the lyrics go “I know, it’s only rock and roll, but I like it”. If only that were the case however for fans of this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival.

A sweet engagement

You’ve just got home from work on Valentine’s Day, but it’s also hump day (Wednesday) and you’re tired, haven’t booked anywhere for a romantic dinner with

Vlogger sloggers

I do love a good boxing match. While I’m no die-hard aficionado, and indeed more of a fair-weather fan than an obsessive, I do pay for the big box office

Together forever

Jumping on a hot topic is one of the most effective ways for businesses to propel their brand awareness into the mass media. Just look at yesterday’s Pic

Sunbed scrap

A somewhat clichéd holiday experience is that of rushing to claim a sunbed by the pool in the morning. Usually – and something that’s been highlighted in

Banish the blues

January is a long month for many a reason; it’s been five weeks since pay day (ouch), there’s no cheese left from Christmas, it’s grey and gloomy almost

Blog off

I absolutely love a controversial approach to marketing and am always impressed by brands with an irreverent attitude towards their own image. Life is

The forever holiday

January’s cold and short days can often leave us daydreaming about jetting off on holiday in the summer ahead. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets a

Plastic, not so fantastic

If you are a fan of a certain Mr Attenborough and were as enthralled as I was by the latest series, Blue Planet II, one issue in particular cannot have

Sweet taste of popularity

The sugary beverage giant, Coca-Cola, is at it again with another jazzy PR campaign. This time, it’s fresh new packaging and ‘new’ Diet Coke flavours. I

Tears of a clown

There was a huge backlash last week against YouTube ‘personality’ Logan Paul. You know you’re galloping into the depths of middle age when you realise

A ‘meating’ of not-so like minds

Firstly, let me kick off this blog with a Happy New Year greeting. I hope it was a good one. For many, the start of the New Year signals a number of

Everyone's a critic

The release of the official trailer for a much anticipated film brings out advocates and critics alike, all with their own opinions and arguments as to

A piggin’ nightmare

Peppa Pig. Adored by children, abhorred by parents (from the statuses I’ve seen on Facebook at least…) As a firm friend of pre-school children, Peppa

Stoneless avocados

So we’re nearing the middle of December, we’re thinking Christmas trees, wreaths, presents, Christmas parties, prosecco, all things Christmassy! What

Winter Wonder

At this time of year, headlines vary from the festive niceties like the latest Christmas ads, food trends, gift guides and whether or not this Christmas

Elf on the shelf

December is finally here…how did it come around so quickly? It seems like only yesterday, we were all soaking up the last of September’s summer sun. But,

A pizza the action

Aaaah, Christmas. The biggest marketing ploy of them all. From adverts to songs, to the latest winter blockbuster to brand new products perfect for

Black Friday

It’s here, the day that occurs once a year and only once a year. Some people love it, some people hate it, but you can’t ignore it, it’s here…Black

I’m a lesser-known celebrity

This week saw the return of everyone’s favourite gross-out reality TV show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. This year’s series has possibly been one

Dear David

Before I start, read this. It’s a fairly long read, but worth it. Have you definitely read it? Don’t carry on if not…I’ll wait. … Done? Good. Now,

Well judged, Missguided

So we are edging closer to the big ‘C’. Christmas. And if you’re anything like me you may be searching online for a new festive outfit. A tradition I

Grin and ‘bare’ it

In today’s celebrity-obsessed society, a familiar face struggles to walk out of their front door without the photos being splashed all over the news or

Creative Christmas coffee cups

So Halloween is over and we’re officially now in that stage…the run-up to Christmas. You will have noticed the increase in Christmas TV adverts, I even

Helped from on high

Billy blogged about ‘Ryan-mare’ last week, where he looked at the airline’s recent disastrous PR following thousands of cancelled flights and hundreds of

Musical Madness

Many music fans were left disheartened this Tuesday after being turned away from a Foo Fighters concert at the London O2 arena for failing to present a

Hellboy: A New Hope?

Rose takes a look at an actor's admirable stance in her blog for this week... In a surprising turn of events, a relatively well-known actor has announced

Slithering back into consciousness

Aaaaaaand…she’s done it again. The name Taylor Swift is back on the tips of everyone’s tongues as fans wait with baited breath for new music and the

On yer bike

Full Moon…Half Moon…Total Eclipse!! Who remembers the incredible advert of a teacher eating her Jaffa Cakes in front of the class as part of their

Clarks’ catastrophe

Intern Rose takes a look at Clarks' sexist stereotyping blunder... In more ways than one, it’s been a typical week in 2017. Unsurprisingly, another

Love Island takes on the world

We welcomed Max into the office this week who has put together a cracker of a guest blog looking at some seemingly angelic action from Love Islanders that

No Hope, No Glory

There’s nothing worse than getting all excited to go to an event, only for it to be cancelled at short notice. That’s exactly what festival goers at Hope

Angelina Jolie: Corrupt or Charitable?

In a surprising turn of events, Angelina Jolie has recently suffered substantial criticism for a supposedly misconstrued quote relating to her upcoming

Faulty Towers

Alton Towers has received a lot of stick in the media lately. After the horrible accident on the Smiler roller coaster two years ago, the media is quick

Burning Embers

Animal rights are always going to be a controversial topic. Everyone has their own views, on everything from fox hunting to zoos. No-one becomes a

Complimentary advice

Politicians used to be one of the few remaining safe targets for brands to mock without fear of backlash. A few years ago – in a less divisive time – you

Not so squeaky clean

Intern extraordinaire, Rose, blogs on Soap and Co badly short changing its work force... In a *not so* shocking turn of events, yet another company has

Hipster weddings

Shoreditch is well known for being hipster central. We used to have a client based there and I’d rock up for meetings in my traditional PR uniform of

Making a boob of themselves

Skincare brand Dove is no stranger to ‘real’ adverts and campaigns. In fact, over the last couple of years it’s what the brand has become known for –

Defecated Coffee

Our intern Rose takes a look at some seriously cr*p PR for three of the leading coffee shop brands... Thought nothing could top the 2013 horsemeat

Short end of the stick

Everyone always says you shouldn’t complain about the hot, sunny weather (be honest, it’s a rarity in Britain, especially at summertime) but let’s face

Brewing votes

With the election coming up on Thursday, the media has been heavily dominated by politics. Usually for brands, this means that the chance of getting

Big Baby

Businesses plug their products. It’s what they do and have always done. Some use clever PR and marketing tactics to promote their wares, others simply let

Hopkins axed

Intern Liz gives the lowdown on Katie Hopkins' sacking from LBC. We all know the infamous Katie Hopkins, who’s made a name for herself by never holding

Fancy a run?

Nike is back in the news again, after attempting to run under 2 hours in a marathon (read Billy’s blog to learn more.) The brand has now decided people

Fish Filleted

It hasn’t been a great PR week for McDonald's. On Tuesday it decided to pull its new TV advert after being accused of exploiting childhood

Come Fly With me

If I was being contextual, this week’s blog would obviously cover the election. I mean, Labour’s election manifesto was leaked this week – perfect fodder

Making the impossible possible

They say it isn’t humanly possible to run a marathon in under two hours. The current official record is a very impressive 2:02:57 held by the Kenyan

With Love from me to you

Sometimes the adage really does ring true – less is definitely more.  So found pub owner Tom Hughes from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, when he asked his

Getting the Horn

White male, 43, one of a kind, likes to eat grass and chill in the mud. TV star. Looking for a mate to help secure the survival of the species…” Sounds

Plane Madness...again

Another day another American airline scandal.  Fresh off the back of United Airlines beating a customer unconscious, a rival carrier has been in the

No such thing as perfect

In the majority of advertising, the face of the brand is key. We typically see good looking, flawless faces with big smiles. But of course we know, most

Easter egg, anyone?

Think: Daffodils blooming, birds chirping, and stores stockpiling chocolate. That’s right, Easter is just around the corner. This festive season, we’ve

Domino's Robot Delivery

Domino’s, probably one of the biggest pizza delivery companies in the world, is now attempting to deliver pizzas via robot. It’s teamed up with the

As cold as charity

Last week’s terror attack was an horrific reminder that nowhere is truly safe from the threat of those intent on violence. Even in Westminster, at the

Now that's a comic relief

Today’s blog shows how one small celebrity stunt can generate some great PR for a large number of people and raise awareness for one of the country’s

Kicking up a Stormzy

It’s been bad PR for NME this week as Stormzy was used on its front cover without his permission, as the magazine focused its latest edition on

Lock the doors

Live television. It’s a risky business. We’ve all seen bloopers that have occurred live on air. Once they happen they’re hard to shake off, especially

In the doghouse

Ever fancied bathing in a hot tub full of beer? I certainly haven’t, I’d prefer to have a pint, but hey, maybe I’m just boring. For those of you

Kentucky Fried Trolling

2017. The year where it has become trendy to eat clean.  ‘Clean Eating’ is to eat foods in their most natural state, avoiding anything

Gangster's Paradise

Jeremy Meeks shot to fame following his arrest for possession of a firearm early last year. His mugshot went viral because, aside from being an actual


You may not be familiar with many YouTubers, but chances are you’ve possibly heard of PewDiePie. He is the most subscribed YouTuber out there, with a

Never-ending pay-off

Valentine’s Day will be here next week, so with Grinch-like spirit, I’m going to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the pitfalls of

Beckham hack hell

David Beckham. Or David Beckscum as he was known after his sending off in France ’98 for petulantly kicking Argentina’s Diego Simeone. Our hopes of

PR Fear Factor

There’s nothing better than a good scare prank. One of the few things in life I find genuinely hilarious is other people’s terror. It’s probably quite

LEGO bat out of hell

Chevrolet has gone all out for the release of the new LEGO Batman Movie which comes out February 10th of this year by making probably the best LEGO

Stay Away from the badge

To many football fans, their favourite club’s badge means a lot to them. Take me, for example, I am a lifelong Liverpool fan with family from the city, so

Sky Arts pulls Jacko parody

Sky has taken the decision to pull an upcoming episode of its new show Urban Myths, following complaints from the family of late-singer Michael Jackson

What a difference 8 years makes

I always vowed that I’d never write about politics on the Pic PR blog! This isn’t because I’m anti-politics, it’s simply because I don’t feel

Hell hath no fury

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or so the saying goes. And ‘Graham’ seemed to have found that out at the weekend, as plastic laminate signs were

Vegan Tube Station

Tube stations in London are full of advertisements. You see them as you walk down the escalators, when you’re running along to catch your train and even

Mobile Super Mario

Yes, the world’s favourite Italian plumber is back in his first ever appearance in app form, following in the footsteps of the incredibly successful

Turtle Rescue

Planet Earth 2, as Tom blogged recently, is pretty bloomin’ spectacular. When it comes to nature, David Attenborough is without peer. I honestly don’t

Tattoo Tears

Celebrities often feature in charitable campaigns. We’ve seen them all before – a celebrity will talk into a camera telling you why you should donate your

Bristow’s Bust

Celebrity Twitter rants. We’ve all seen them before. Sometimes they’re hilarious, sometimes cringe worthy, sometimes downright offensive. The latest

The Blair Rich Project

Sound the sirens. Bolt your doors and hideout in your homes. And for god’s sake, parents lock up your sons and daughters before he sends them to die in

Kanye Needs a Rest

Kanye West. American rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer and all round general mad man.  Kanye (or Ye as he is known as) has never

I'm a Celeb controversy

I’m a huge fan of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, and think it’s a great programme. Watching waning celebrities trying to get back into the lime

Don Voyage!

Will 2017 go down as the worst year since records began?! It’s looking like it, isn’t it? I know we’re still a few months away yet, but if ever there

Minding the gap

Toblerone is one of my favourite chocolates to eat during the festive period. I, like many others, love the classic chunky triangular shaped bar. But it

Advent calendar showdown

German supermarket Aldi, famous for having incredibly low prices is now up against Harrods, a brand often regarded the height of luxury, in a battle

A German Team

A recent Twitter post has gone viral, that showed a picture of a sign outside a pub in Glasgow advertising a football game. The game being advertised was

Unicorn cabs

As an ex-Londoner I know what it’s like pushing your way onto a hot, sticky and smelly tube at the early hours of the morning as part of your commute to

Boring, boring, Man United

Paddy Power was up to its old tricks at the weekend, doing what it does best. The brand is well known for its risqué PR stunts and loves rolling out the

Breathing deeply

360 Video. Seems impossible right? As a video maker and consumer I am always incredibly excited when I see new ways of making video and of making it

Trump’s Bot Invasion

In this modern age that we live in, social media is the most popular place to voice our opinions. It’s also a great platform to see other people’s

Locker Room Horror

It’s all coming down. The Donald’s presidential dreams are crumbling. When the Republican candidate shrugged off his 2005 remarks about grabbing women

Do as I say, not as I do

Anti-drink driving campaigns are essential. Back in the day it was seen as socially acceptable to drink and drive. A few pints in the local after work on

The Sobering Instagram Account

How is it that if you have a hot bod and post a variety of pictures of it on Instagram, you get tens of thousands of followers? Once accomplished said

Chwaraeon Cymraeg yn ennill eto

Everyone loves an underdog in Sport. Rocky Balboa. The Jamaican Bobsled team. Leicester City. The list is endless, however one underdog in particular is

A refreshing point of view

It’s Summer. The sun is shining (sometimes), the breeze is blowing in your hair and the inevitable flurry of soft drinks campaigns is well and truly

Shaming the Body Shamers

There seems to be a lot of body shaming on social media at the moment. It was only a couple of weeks ago that a Playboy model received major backlash for

Love at First Tweet

We’ve heard about couples meeting online, but not many like this one. A few years ago, a writer tweeted her admiration for the person responsible for


Pokémon is back . . . whether you want it to be or not. Nintendo has this week released Pokémon Go, a free-to-play smartphone game in which you catch the

Eagle pushed down the pecking order

It’s all about politics at the moment. Eager PR’s looking for coverage are being swept aside by the tidal wave of political news stories flooding out

Facebook Fairytales

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare.  Poor Stephanie’s dream wedding was almost shattered by the news that the company who helped plan her big day

Not So Marvellous Martin

Rough day to be Martin Odegaard. The Norwegian footballer’s signing by Real Madrid – after an ostentatious, and somewhat farcical, whistle-stop-tour of

Cash in the attic

Mike Ashley, the billionaire owner of Sports Direct, has appeared before a House of Commons select committee to answer questions as to why his company has

Kicking off at the Euros

England’s Euro 2016 campaign kicked off at the weekend – both on and off the pitch. Whilst the England team played well before succumbing to a

The poor man’s puppeteer

This week brought revelations about how The Jeremy Kyle Show is made. It won’t be a surprise to anyone that’s seen the show, that what’s been said hasn’t

McWedding Reception

How do you picture your perfect wedding day?  I tend to envisage the more traditional setting; white dress, church, cake, confetti and the

Shia Straights

Shia LaBeouf is travelling across the US. The actor – known as much for his erratic behaviour and third-rate performance art as is he is for those movies

What chew laughing at?

Who would have thought that a woman in a Chewbacca mask, could’ve taken the internet by storm? Have you ever been so excited with one of your purchases

Go Green or Go Home

Imagine walking to work one morning and witnessing a giant green monkey floating down the river. No, not something I have ever imagined either but London

Some Fabricated PR?

Could you imagine being in your 70’s and dancing until 5am in a nightclub in London? Well that’s exactly what an elderly Polish couple did earlier this

Paws for thought

Forget handbags. Forget statement necklaces. The only accessory you'll want to be spotted with this summer is a cute canine. Yes ladies, the

A great boss for great employees

Tiens, a Chinese multinational conglomerate is passionate about rewarding its employees for hard work and puts pretty much every other office outings to

I dough-nut believe it!

Social media is a great tool to attract attention from a variety of audiences. Twitter is particularly significant for brands who want to build suspense

Havoc at Harrods

Publically shaming your deceitful other half has just been notched up to a whole new level, it would appear. A 16 plate, £90,000 Range Rover was sprawled

Naked food

Naked food

Healthy snacking feeds your cravings without feeding your waistline and with 100% less guilt. It’s super ‘trendy’ to be munching down on raw foods these

Creepy baby

Creepy baby

I know it’s a little early for Halloween, but this Swedish PR stunt from back in May is totally creepy. Any horror films featuring possessed children are

Frosty Guzzler

Frosty Guzzler

Trying to find staff who are upbeat, brand aware and eager to work in a fast food chain seems like it can be a challenge. From my experience, the chains

Grab a pizza the action

Grab a pizza the action

Social media can be a powerful tool for your brand or company. In terms of PR, it’s a great way to spark off a campaign or competition and you can get

Christmas in August

Christmas in August

I love Christmas I really do. I love the build up, the cosy winter nights spent wrapping presents in front of a crackling fire while drinking hot

bad press escape

bad press escape

An internship is one of the most popular and effective ways of breaking into an industry or gaining some valuable work experience alongside your studies.

Freebie PR

Freebie PR

It’s a fact of life that we all love a freebie. One way to get potential consumers’ attention is to give something away for free, something to keep and

They want your blood!

They want your blood!

I’m a big fan of music festivals and I’ve spent most of the last 5 summers living in a field and meandering around tent pegs. So, when a story about a

Life is like a box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates

When a brand hits the headlines you hope it’s for all the right reasons, but in Cadbury’s case it’s looking a little negative this Monday morning. The

If Bulmer

If Bulmer's did bars...

Novelty bars seem to be the norm these days and most of the time, a complete success. From non-alcoholic ‘dry bars’ to breakfast cereal cafes and even

Tennis toilet break

Tennis toilet break

When you think of Wimbledon, you think of strawberries and cream (and tennis, of course). Amongst all the tennis grunting and rackets flying there were

Labels are for cans, not people

Labels are for cans, not people

If any of you have ever read any of my previous blogs you’ll know I’m a big fan of the Coca-Cola marketing machine. Their campaigns are always relevant,

World Cup Wonders

World Cup Wonders

The women’s football World Cup has been great PR for the sport. The people of England, long fed up with the poor showing of the men in major tournaments

Beauty is not only skin deep

Beauty is not only skin deep

One of the most powerful things I have seen this week is a video from the blogger behind My Pale Skin. Unfortunately, this young lady suffers from acne,

Split down the middle

Split down the middle

We love a good underhand PR stunt and this example is of particular note, managing to fool millions and a wide range of media outlets across the world. A

To pee or not to pee

To pee or not to pee

It’s an unfortunate incident – you go to the toilet while on a romantic date with the missus, only to have urine splashed all over your trousers and shoes

Disappearing letters and Missing Types

Disappearing letters and Missing Types

This week is National Blood Week and you may have noticed some pretty important letters have been disappearing from some of your favourite shop fronts,

One Day I

One Day I'll Fly Away

In case you missed it, Kate Moss got “led off” a plane following a flight home from Turkey for being a tad tipsy. Is anyone surprised? No, me neither.

Blatter Battered

Blatter Battered

Football has had a tumultuous week PR wise. The papers have literally been splattered with Blatter and if you don’t know about it, then I doubt you’re

Cutting response

Cutting response

These days when booking a holiday or weekend away the first place most of us head to check out where to stay is Tripadvisor. The popularity of the site



What better way to embarrass late cinemagoers than to give them a massive shiner? Well not the shiner most would want to give to annoying latecomers, but

Queen Bey and King Jay-Z

Queen Bey and King Jay-Z

Earlier this week it was said that Taylor Swift owns PR. Now, much as I love Swifty, I’m afraid this time I’ma do a Kanye and say what about Beyonce (and



A blog about an actual water house from a Waterhouse – the perfect combo! How could I not love this stunt? So we’ve all heard of houseboats, but have you

What the cluck are they doing?

What the cluck are they doing?

Fast food outlets have long come with a grubby reputation. Urban legends abound about the things that go on behind the scenes in Mcdonalds, Burger King,

Personality policies

Personality policies

As the furore of the General Election calms ever so slightly and the whole country (including David Cameron) comes to term with the surprise result, the

To vote or not to vote

To vote or not to vote

You may have decided not to vote in today’s elections but you won’t have escaped the fact they are happening. That is unless you don’t read, don’t watch

Hilary Duff swipes right

Hilary Duff swipes right

This week I have been reading a lot about Tinder. Not because I’m single. Not because I’m someone that has used, OK, OK, uses the popular app. No. The

Marketing humanity

Marketing humanity

Like most things in life, the best PR is free and in the instance I’m about to reference, probably completely unintended. Aldi was in the news this



IT may not be the prettiest PR stunt ever but it was certainly hard hitting. Two hundred body bags lined up on the normally picturesque Brighton. Some

Great Crack

Great Crack

I’m loving the fact I have chosen to write my first blog about toilets, but what I’m loving even more is what Beating Bowel Cancer has done with its

Bookie Bashing

Bookie Bashing

Paddy Power has been in the news again this week, which is just how the brand likes it. This time it was down to a simple tweet rather than a stunt, but

Probably the best poster in the world

Probably the best poster in the world

Carlsberg are well known for the genius that is their marketing campaigns. Time after time they win with their memorable ads with quirky topics and their

Controversy, thy name is...

Controversy, thy name is...

In PR, we’re used to creating campaigns that can often divide public opinion. Sometimes, that’s the very reason we do it – there’s nothing like a little

Clarkson Revisited

Clarkson Revisited

There’s been an unseemly to do around the ‘letting go’ of Jeremy Clarkson. His suspension a few weeks ago after apparently punching a Top Gear producer

What are you wearing?

What are you wearing?

Ah, #Dressgate. Still? I hear you ask. Yes, still. Because #TheDress has become the latest example of how a Twitter trend can be hijacked and used for


Beauty's in the eye of the beholder is a website that presents itself as ‘the largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful’, stating on its homepage

Hens Pecked

Hens Pecked

What could have possibly caused one of Manchester’s most ‘upmarket’ restaurants to have deleted all social media accounts, and so abruptly? 47 King

50 shades of valentine

50 shades of valentine's...

I’m sure we are all well aware by now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With the one-week countdown officially underway it is near

Stage Fright

Stage Fright

It’s a sad fact, but the town of Evesham doesn’t have a lot going for it. Its heyday was as a successful market town, with the richly fertile soil of the

To put it Bluntly

To put it Bluntly

James Blunt has reinvented himself of late. When he initially burst into the public consciousness with the album Back to Bedlam in 2004 he was met with

S**T Customer Service

S**T Customer Service

This week it was definitely Virgin Trains who won Twitter. If you haven’t heard the story it goes like this; a teenager, Adam Greenwood, travelling from

The power of cuteness

The power of cuteness

As a Christmas gift to the world, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released three official pictures of Prince George on Saturday 13th December, and

Festive window shopping

Festive window shopping

I’m a huge fan of Christmas. Anyone who knows me knows how excited I get and how much I love decorations! It’s a little ridiculous but when shops get into

Mistletoe Drone

Mistletoe Drone

The popular American diner TGI Friday’s certainly wants to spread the love this festive season. Its recent stunt included a mistletoe-wielding drone



Sainsbury’s has gone all guns blazing with this year’s Christmas advert. The supermarket isn’t a traditional participant in the annual Christmas ad-off

Plus Size

Plus Size

Whenever anyone in the media says ‘plus-size’, ignore it – it’s complete bull. Society today has come up with the term ‘plus size’ for women who are not

Another Year, Another Cracker

Another Year, Another Cracker

It’s the new advert that everyone looks out for, the new advert that signifies the countdown to Christmas. Renowned for its clever and often tear-jerking

F-Bomb For Feminism

F-Bomb For Feminism

The American activist group FCKH8 has recently released a controversial video against sexism. The ‘Potty-Mouthed Princess’ video went viral last week

Harry Potter Hotel

Harry Potter Hotel

I’ve never been a Harry Potter fan, this offends a lot of people and I wish I cared but I really don’t. Yes it was a cool idea but it went waaay over the

Some serious bedtime reading

Some serious bedtime reading

Last week our resident Irish PR, Michelle, wrote a blog about the unfortunate Texan tourist who found himself inadvertently locked in a Waterstones

From predator to prey

From predator to prey

Channel 4’s Documentary ‘The Paedophile Hunter’ aired on television this week causing a bit of a media frenzy and dividing opinion. Stinson Hunter, the

The power of social media

The power of social media

A student managed to convince her family and friends that she was on a five-week trip around South East Asia – despite never leaving her bedroom! I know

U2 can

U2 can't even give it away

U2, the Irish rock band, have had a PR disaster recently. Last week, Apple promoted their new album in an unusual way. They effectively gave it away for

Happy 60th to Guinness World Records!

Happy 60th to Guinness World Records!

The Guinness World Records has often been a target for extravagant PR stunts. The 60th Anniversary edition of the previously named ‘Guinness Book of

A fantasist philanthropist

A fantasist philanthropist

I was browsing my Twitter timeline the other night when I was forced to do a double take. Then a triple take. Then a quadruple take. After rubbing my eyes

No one likes us, we do care

No one likes us, we do care

Ryanair hasn’t had a particularly good track record when it comes to PR. I wouldn’t call its main man, Michael O’Leary, a marmite figure, as there’s


Don't panic! Have a doughnut

Greggs found itself in a bit of a cheese and pickle sandwich earlier this week. The bakery chain’s usual tagline is “Always fresh. Always tasty”. However

Wrong number, Paddy

Wrong number, Paddy

Ah, Paddy Power. I bloody love its marketing team. They must have a right time of it in their office, coming up with risqué stunts and ideas galore and

Dead Parrot

Dead Parrot

With the surviving members of the Monty Python team currently conducting a last hurrah of live shows around the country (the last one this Sunday, in

Traditional PR still drives bookings

Traditional PR still drives bookings

Within hospitality today, traditional PR tactics are reflected as out-dated and ineffective but a new report has said otherwise… In a global report from


As a little girl, Barbie was my favourite toy to play with. Mattel have always known how to market to little girls. They always stuck to the generic



Wilkinson Sword are smooth! Over the past few years they have played on occasions such as Valentines Day and launched fantastic PR stunts. This time it’s

Everyone's getting on the coke

This is one of the best PR and marketing stunts I have seen in a long time. It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling – and is pretty smart too. Coca Cola

Dogs Trust Ice Dog

Dogs Trust Ice Dog

Now the weather is getting warmer, UK-based dog welfare charity Dogs Trust has launched a campaign called ‘Hot Dogs’, highlighting the dangers of leaving

Premier Inn Stunt For World Cup

Premier Inn Stunt For World Cup

With the England World Cup squad announced this week there were a few dejected players. Ashley Cole has bid farewell to his international career, retiring

The World

The World's First Playable Poster

This latest marketing innovation is thanks to the R&D guys at Becks, New Zealand. This new technological concept is bringing new dimensions to posters


This morning I was reading an article on the latest Hotel Marketing Association PR debate, which sparked a few thoughts… The panelists debated the future

Would You Attend Your Own Funeral

Would You Attend Your Own Funeral?

People often wonder what their own funeral would be like, but the only way to witness it is to have an out-of- body experience on their death bed.