Vegan Tube Station

03 January 2017 | Billy Thompson

Tube stations in London are full of advertisements. You see them as you walk down the escalators, when you’re running along to catch your train and even on the turnstiles when you hand your ticket in.

In a recent PR stunt by animal rights organisation, PETA, an entire London tube station has been filled with pro-vegan advertisements.

The 60 different adverts in Clapham Common station all include an image of either a chicken, pig or cow, along with the slogan "I'm ME, Not MEAT. See the Individual – Go Vegan.”

Of course, having just one poster wouldn’t attract a lot of attention, but 60? Now that’s sure to get noticed! However, this stunt doesn’t really help the stereotype of vegans pushing veganism onto just about everyone who eats meat.

I’m sure the marketing team at PETA don’t care though, as this stunt has done its intended job and been talked about by a lot of people.

But will this stunt actually turn meat eaters in vegans? I’m not so sure. I don’t feel as if the posters are powerful enough. I mean, if you’re going to the effort of paying for 60 advertisements in a London tube station then you may as well use a catchier and more thought provoking image than merely a chicken saying ‘I’m me’.

If anything, I think this whole PR stunt will just annoy a lot of people. Lots of meat eaters don’t like to be made to feel bad for not sticking to a vegan diet. As Lloyd has mentioned in the past, humans have evolved as omnivores over millions of years, so you won’t see him turning down a bacon sandwich.

On the other hand though, veganism isn’t something we can just shake off anymore. The growth of UK citizens changing to a vegan diet over the past 10 years is huge. I can see a lot more similar stunts happening this year.

But whether you practice veganism or not, this is a decent effort from PETA. It’s certainly made a lot of people talk anyway.