14 February 2017 | Billy Thompson

You may not be familiar with many YouTubers, but chances are you’ve possibly heard of PewDiePie.

He is the most subscribed YouTuber out there, with a whopping 53 million subscribers on his channel and over 14 billion video views.

His videos mainly focus on video games and skits, and you probably won’t find them funny unless you’re a 14 year-old boy, but you can watch a few on his channel.

But whether you find him funny or not, I’m sure he won’t care, as he’ll be too busy counting his money. PewDiePie reportedly made $15 million from advertising, merchandise and sponsorships last year alone. 

He was also in partnership with Disney’s Maker studios and had a new reality show set to be released onto YouTube Red.

When you’ve got all of these great opportunities, I’d suggest not to be a prat. However, that’s exactly what PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg), has done.

Today, Disney’s Maker studio announced that they were dropping Felix, due to some controversial anti-Semitic ‘jokes’ in his videos.

In a video about seeing what people would do for $5, PewDiePie paid two Indian men to hold up a sign that said ‘Death to All Jews’. In another video with the same idea, he paid a man dressed as Jesus to say “Hitler did nothing wrong”. He also features images of Hitler and swastikas in more of his videos.

This story has received huge national coverage, and PewDiePie has been branded as a racist by many Twitter users.

I used to watch a lot of PewDiePie videos when I was younger and I can tell you he’s never remotely come across as a racist. Yes, what he’s said is unacceptable, but he always says and does things in a sarcastic way and in this incident, I think he was attempting to mock racism itself but in an obviously inappropriate way.

When you have billions of people watching your videos, you just can’t get away with saying anything so offensive.  

PewDiePie has always made controversial and silly jokes, but this time he’s taken it too far and he should’ve known that.

To rub salt in the wound, YouTube has now announced that it is cancelling the release of PewDiePie’s upcoming reality show.

Ouch. It’s certainly not been a good PR day for PewDiePie.