19 June 2014 | Liz Bowen

As a little girl, Barbie was my favourite toy to play with. Mattel have always known how to market to little girls. They always stuck to the generic stereotypical pink girly tactics.

But lately their marketing tactics have stepped up a notch. They are getting smarter at targeting their key demographic and aren’t just using the pink colours, clothes and stereotypical images.

Their latest venture is all about business. Barbie has been involved in over 150 careers throughout the years – she’s a busy lady.

But now with a smartphone and tablet in hand, Barbie is an Entrepreneur!

Mattel have partnered with a power team of real life female leaders – known as Barbie’s chief inspiration officers who have founded their own businesses.

Their new marketing is hoping to inspire little girls to dream bigger and not be ashamed of what they want to be. Their marketing is fantastic, using the hashtag #unapologetic, it is the perfect message that young girls need in today’s competitive world.

As part of their digital campaign, they have asked the CIO’s for their tips on achieving your goals:

“Find your passion, learn as much as you can every single day, and be patient” – Allison Pincus, One Kings Lane.

I honestly LOVE this marketing campaign and think this is the perfect time to give girls the hope they need. Young girls today have to realise that the world is at their feet and they can be whatever they want to be. It’s about time Mattel took the responsibility that they have had for years and pushed out a powerful, inspiration message.

Don’t let the pink fool you. If you can dream it, you can be it.