The Two Fairies Bring Magic and Sparkle on Behalf of M&S

The Two Fairies Bring Magic and Sparkle on Behalf of M&S

07 November 2014 | Pic PR

So, the battle of the Christmas ad campaigns has commenced and in my opinion every year the real competition comes down to two retail giants, M&S and John Lewis. And this year M&S have gone one step further with their two fairies campaign, which has been building up over the past few weeks.

The arrival of a twitter account called the two fairies alongside an apparent sprinkling of miracles got people very excited. Random gifts started to appear with one primary school even getting dusted with snow, as the air is too salty there for the children to have ever had real snow. The twitter account with the handle @thetwofairies posts entirely in rhyme while asking for wishes and then grants a select number of them.

Then early morning before sunrise this week there was a magical experience when two fairies were spotted floating above the River Tyne along with the words #followthefairies etched into the ground and a busker singing ‘Fly me to the Moon’.

The magical campaign gained momentum as more and more wishes were granted and journalists began investigating who could be behind these great acts of kindness. A website with the same name was found and it had been registered to a PR company in London.

All was revealed today and speculation ended as M&S launched their Christmas ad. The ad follows two fairies as they fly around granting wishes and making life easier for people around Christmas time. The look and feel of the ad is in keeping with the Christmas brand of M&S. I have to admit, this did give me a Christmas feeling and I love the magical element to it.

This has been a perfectly executed PR campaign. It has everything required to drum up excitement; suspense, engagement, free gifts and magic which all built up to a great reveal. People all over the country have been engrossed in this campaign over the past few days and I was certainly one of them.

The twitter account is still going strong so if you have any last minute wishes why not chance your arm. And if you haven’t yet checked out the ad yet you can see it here. Enjoy the magic!