Traditional PR still drives bookings

Traditional PR still drives bookings

10 July 2014 | Liz Bowen

Within hospitality today, traditional PR tactics are reflected as out-dated and ineffective but a new report has said otherwise…

In a global report from Hotels News Now, it states that PR is still very much alive and it’s becoming an increasingly important way for hoteliers to portray the unique personalities of their properties, thereby encouraging direct bookings.

It explains that social media plays a huge part in a lot of hotels PR campaigns and while social media has changed the PR and marketing game, traditional PR should not be forgotten.

Katrina Jones, VP of corporate communications, EMEA, Hilton Worldwide Holdings told Hotel News Now: “Traditional PR remains an important part of hotel media activity, and it is important to ensure that the two work in tandem in order to achieve success and meet objectives.”

The VP of Communications from Starwood Hotels & Resorts worldwide also shared the same view: “The value of editorial press coverage—whether traditional print articles, online features or blog coverage—cannot be underestimated and continues to be very important for us. There is huge value for us in having our story told by a credible travel, business, lifestyle, beauty, food or trade writer.”

This reflects exactly how I feel. While social media is essential today, editorial coverage is priceless. The value of a credible article is huge and it speaks volumes to millions of potential customers. It also drives bookings for a hotel!

However, that said, its all about integration. Both channels should be used to maximise the reach and outcome.

Its all about creating the right image, and with PR you can tailor, shape and structure what messages and images you want to reflect to the rest of the world. That is pretty powerful.