Together forever

01 February 2018 | Aaron Wise

Jumping on a hot topic is one of the most effective ways for businesses to propel their brand awareness into the mass media. Just look at yesterday’s Pic PR blog by Jo Doverman, who wrote about Greggs bakery hosting a wine and dine experience on Valentine’s Day.

This caused a media storm and is an example of a simple, yet very effective, PR stunt.

So onto today’s post and looking at another hot topic, in fact, probably the hottest topic in Britain at this moment in time. I’ll give you a clue… something that seems to never get old and has been rammed down our throats for months… yep, you guessed it, Brexit.

Whether you’re interested in it or find it utterly boring, I bet you’ll hear the term Brexit in the media at least once every day. This brings me onto what I think is brilliant (and cheeky) PR by AncestryDNA.

The genealogy company’s latest advert, released this week, shows Europeans collectively singing Rick Astley’s Together Forever, before it’s announced that the average British person has 60% of their DNA from somewhere in Europe.

The tongue-in-cheek advert then ends with the words, “We may be leaving Europe, but Europe will never leave us.” Brilliant, just brilliant.

If there was a topic to cause debate, Brexit is it. I’m not really into politics, but I know how fundamentally important that word is to the UK and over the Channel. And AncestryDNA has used it to its advantage, hitching a ride on the controversial conversation carousel.

Since the advert aired on Monday, it has received a high volume of coverage which is just what the DNA research company wanted – whether its riled Britons up or made them chuckle.

Clever PR AncestryDNA, take a bow.