To vote or not to vote

To vote or not to vote

07 May 2015 | Pic PR

You may have decided not to vote in today’s elections but you won’t have escaped the fact they are happening.

That is unless you don’t read, don’t watch TV, don’t listen to the radio, basically if you are a recluse there’s a slim chance you may be unaware.

Anyway, the point is, it’s here, today is the day politicians around the UK have been working towards.

It’s the day us voters have been looking forward to.

But knowing about the elections does not a voter make.

A huge section of the population will not make the journey to their local polling station today. In fact they probably don’t know where it even is.

“Fair enough”, you might say, there are a ton of reasons not to be engaged with politics these days. “They’re all the same”, I hear you cry.

OK, OK, I take your point.

E4, however, do not.

The arm of Channel 4, which broadcasts to the younger generation, has taken a stand to try and encourage more young people to vote. The channel has been switched off for the day (well 7am until 7pm).

Personally I think this is a pretty radical move. It’s a real stand against the un-engaged and a genuine attempt to send people to the voting stations.

Whether it has worked is a different matter. Only time will tell. But it will have got people thinking.

The general election sparks loads of opportunity for PR. Advertising campaigns jump on the election bandwagon. This is an excellent example, not only has this got people about the election.

No, no, no. The stunt has got people talking about E4. Maybe viewers are talking about what programmes they will miss during the 7am until 7pm closure.

Perhaps they have been talking about the actual switch off. I know I have.

They may have been discussing the adverts featuring the E4 controller, Darren – who incidentally has been on screen today causing a bit of a furore himself.

All of these things are great PR for E4. It makes the channel appear socially responsible and gets people chatting about it, the programmes it broadcasts, and it has obviously still received viewing figures as people have watched Darren waiting to ‘switch’ back on the channel.

All in all a great PR stunt.

Now go vote!