To pee or not to pee

To pee or not to pee

16 June 2015 | Liz Bowen

It’s an unfortunate incident – you go to the toilet while on a romantic date with the missus, only to have urine splashed all over your trousers and shoes due to an unfortunately placed hand dryer.

Sad, but true, for Handmade Burger customer Gordie Wallace, who found himself in this very situation while relieving himself following a celebratory meal with his girlfriend in the chain restaurant’s Aberdeen outlet.

While many of us may assume this was down to bad aim, the incident arose thanks to a decidedly awkwardly placed hand dryer located right above the toilet Mr Wallace was using, so, naturally, he took to social media to complain about it.

The very tongue-in-cheek comment left on the company’s Facebook page has been ‘liked’ over 20,000 times but it is their response which has garnered the most attention.

Noting this was the “first time in the five years” they’ve been open for such an incident to occur, HBC went as far as to offer Mr Wallace a pair of trainers and a supply of socks every month for a year to compensate for the incident.

This was a great PR move for HBC and just goes to show, as we’ve mentioned so many times in this blog, just how effective social media can be.

While no-one can accuse Mr Wallace of overreacting to the incident thanks to the comic nature of his ‘complaint’, whoever looks after the social media accounts at HBC must also be commended for taking that humour, and running with it.

There is no doubt that word spreads fast across social media. One negative review can leave a bad taste for days, weeks, even months, and is enough to elicit a rise from the company or brand on the receiving end of it.

Often, a company or brand will over compensate for a bad review – either leaving a gushing response or a rather narky one. Either way, the resulting impact on their reputation can often be worse than the bad review itself.

In this case, however, HBC have sat back, noted the tone of Mr Wallace’s comment, and replied accordingly, injecting their own sense of humour to their reply. They even posted a photo of staff queuing up to test the loos in each of their restaurants. Touché HBC.

Whether or not they do send him that pair of trainers and a supply of socks every month for a year remains to be seen, but regardless, they’ve kept a customer happy and entertained a few others in the process.