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The World's First Playable Poster

09 May 2014 | Pic PR

This latest marketing innovation is thanks to the R&D guys at Becks, New Zealand. This new technological concept is bringing new dimensions to posters and advertising world wide.

This world first technology, uses touch sensitive conductive ink and a super thin, flat panel speaker to produce sound. The posters look like normal posters, but have built in technology inside.

At the moment the playable poster is in development stages, but is hoped to be used to promote local musicians. According to the promo video, they will be popping up in music hubs throughout New Zealand, showcasing the local talent.

The concept around these is great, and the potential further development is also big. There could be screens built in, hooking up to apps and the net.

Are these the future for posters? Will all our posters eventually be playable?