The Perfect Showmance

13 July 2016 | Pic PR

It’s a love story that’s hit the headlines and gripped the world.

But is it real romance, or just a prearranged showmance?

One of the biggest talking points of the summer, in celeb world that is, has been Taylor Swift’s new romance with Tom Hiddleston. Pop royalty meets the rumoured next James Bond - sounds like a match in PR heaven, right?

There has been a sudden influx of photos of the pair canoodling on beaches and jetting off together around the world which has led the media to believe the relationship is staged.

It wasn’t long ago that she was singing the praises of another famous Brit, but she seems to have shaken that romance off pretty swiftly and moved on to the Night Manager heartthrob.

Tom, a rising star in Hollywood, isn’t likely to be complaining though. The actor’s profile is sure to rocket during this global love affair and at least it keeps the singer in the limelight whilst she records new music.

Whilst I strongly believe women should stick by other women, I can’t help but question Taylor’s motives with this sudden parade of affection. Yes, her love life has been heavily documented over the years, which leads me to the question - is this just a cleverly orchestrated PR stunt in the build up to a new album? From conversations I’ve had with friends and colleagues, it seems to be a shared opinion.

Now to give the girl some credit, I can’t imagine having my dating life scrutinised by millions of people – I mean it’s bad enough just being asked by family who I’m dating – but she handles it extremely well. Some might say a little too well…

I could list a number of famous fellas that Taylor has dated in the past to back up the point of this post, but she could just simply be unlucky in love. She comes across very likeable and surprisingly relatable, despite her fame and fortune, and I really do hope Hiddleswift (as they are referred to by fans) prove us wrong with our romance reservations.

If not, we can probably expect at least another single from her, so it’s a win-win really.