The Most Disgusting Peugeot The World Has Ever Seen

The Most Disgusting Peugeot The World Has Ever Seen

15 May 2015 | Pic PR

Need to get rid of a heap of junk car and raise the profile of your car related news website? Easy, run a competition so people have the opportunity to ‘win’ the heap of rubbish you need to get rid of which must be collected by the winner.

This is exactly what the editor of did. The story goes, his stepdaughter has moved to Brighton for university and has left her car behind. This girl has not shown much love or affection for her vehicle to this point, and it is covered in dust, mould, spider eggs and rusty dents. In order to ‘teach her a lesson’ he has elected to offer up the car as a prize to one ‘lucky’ person.

This story has been picked up by many of the national papers including Metro, The Daily Mail and The Independent along with pictures of his extremely attractive stepdaughter. In order to win the ‘most disgusting Peugeot the world has ever seen’ you must like the Facebook page of the publication along with the competition post.

In my opinion what this man has done is PR genius. By the look of that car, there is nowhere is should be other than the dump. It really is as the description would lead you to believe and there doesn’t seem to be any coming back from the state she has left it in, despite there only being just over 91,000 miles on the clock.

So recapping what has this man achieved? National coverage in all the significant publications and websites, increased followers on his publications Facebook page, increased brand awareness of his and the convenience of some poor loser (sorry ‘winner’) coming along to take this heap of junk off his hands for free!!

Massive PR win…thumbs up for James Baggott Editor of