Terminator Takeaway

17 June 2019 | Pic PR

Who fancies having their Domino’s pizza delivered by a robot? It sounds pretty far-fetched...unless you’re from Houston, Texas. In which case you can expect a pizza laden automaton heading your way some time soon.

Today (June 17th) Domino’s announced that it will be looking to test a pizza delivery service that relies on a small self driving robot. To this, the brand has partnered with Nuro - a specialist in robotics.

Nuro already has a track record when it comes to delivering food. Originally delivering Pizzas for Flirtey In New Zealand via autonomous drone, before making its way to America where it delivered groceries for various Supermarkets using its purpose built delivery vehicle. This small vehicle is half the size of a Toyota Corolla but has the brain of a self driving Prius, going by the name “R2”. Very original.

Before its journey into Houston's pizza trade, Nuro has been working with the grocery store chain Krogers. Using this Prius brain, the delivery robot is able to map neighborhoods and plan the fastest route, taking into account any traffic delays and catering its journey to suit the customer.  

Very soon Houston pizza lovers will have the option to select robot delivery on the Domino's website. Upon purchase, a small one time pin code will be sent that can unlock the housing containing all that pizza-ry goodness.

Nuro has stated: “We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Domino’s, the global leader in pizza delivery. This partnership represents an important step on our journey to become the autonomous delivery partner of choice for retailers of all kinds”.

The hope is that Nuro is actually making progress within the robotics field and this isn't just another Domino’s publicity stunt (it’s done a similar thing before, tbf). It remains to be seen, although Domino’s is certainly making the right noises, having stated that it plans to add more robots to the selected Houston location and eventually expand the service to more stores across the US.

In the meantime though, it’s certainly some good PR for both brands.

Hopefully within the not too distant future we will have such a service on our shores in the UK, except maybe delivering more than just Domino’s. The weekly shop would be a hell of a lot easier if it just rolled up, in some sort of vehicle having been ordered online. Maybe call it something crazy like ‘Tesco Delivery’ or something...oh, wait.