Taylor vs Katy

09 June 2017 | Tom Carter

As you all know it’s election results day today, but I’m very much against talking about politics in these blogs, haven’t done it yet and don’t intend to start now. So, as I was looking on the news today I saw a story that has slipped through the cracks of public consciousness following the landslide of general election coverage.

Taylor vs Katy is a long-running feud between globally famous popstars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, that apparently started because of a disagreement over backing dancers. It has resurfaced today generating a fair amount of coverage across the pond, as Taylor Swift has made a return to Spotify, having pulled out of the service back in 2014, due to what she perceived as the negative effect of streaming sites on the music industry.

The move seems a suspicious one though, as Katy Perry’s new album ‘Witness’ has come out on the same day. So, it seems rather coincidental that Taylor Swift has opted to reappear on Spotify in apparent celebration of her last album ‘1989’ reaching 10 million album sales worldwide just as Katy Perry releases ‘Witness’.  

Was this a ploy by Taylor Swift to stop people listening to Katy’s new album? Or was it a genuine coincidence? Perhaps this was actually a stunt orchestrated by Katy Perry to promote her new album thanks to the subsequent coverage of a faux celebrity fallout?

We can’t know for certain, but either way it’s drummed up some great PR for both Perry and Swift.  And while the timing seems good on the one hand, it is actually bad in a UK PR sense, as everyone over here is talking about the shock of the general election.

One thing’s for certain, division and rivalries has been the order of the day for the news, today!