Tattoo Tears

06 December 2016 | Billy Thompson

Celebrities often feature in charitable campaigns. We’ve seen them all before – a celebrity will talk into a camera telling you why you should donate your money to a charity and why it is such a good cause.

Quite frankly a lot of the time when I see these campaigns, I don’t feel persuaded into donating. This is usually because lots of these campaigns are very uninspiring, uncreative and feature a Z-list celebrity that most likely cares more about the cheque they’re receiving on the side rather than the actual cause.

This isn’t the case for the latest charitable campaign I have seen, though, which comes from the children’s charity UNICEF. The campaign is called #EndViolence and it really does make you stop and think.

The campaign video features ex-footballer David Beckham. In the video, Beckham’s many tattoos are cleverly animated to highlight child abuse. Some examples of this being a tattoo of a girl on his arm crying, a child being shouted at and a young boy being punched.

Beckham concludes the video by saying “Violence against children marks them forever. It’s wrong. End it”. The clever and powerful message behind the video is that, likewise with tattoos, the effects of abuse are permanent.

Any campaign starring such a famous and influential person as David Beckham is certain to be talked about. I’m glad this one highlights such an important cause. It also feels good knowing Beckham is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, so he actually cares about the charity.

The combination of a creative video with a powerful message, along with a worldwide known celebrity ambassador, makes for the perfect campaign. And whilst it’s easier said than done to tick those off the PR wish list, we can only applaud when it’s done well. Tip of the cap to you, Unicef.