Takes the Biscuit

23 March 2018 | Kate Owens

It’s been a busy week this week – lots has happened. The future of Ant from ‘Ant & Dec’ is looking uncertain after Ant’s drink-driving scandal, Mark Zuckerberg has had a pretty terrible week after the poor protection of the personal data of about 50 million Facebook users…AND – Yorkshire Tea has launched the ‘Biscuit Brew’.

Now maybe I’m wrong to put all those three pieces of news into the same sentence, they perhaps don’t carry all the same weight.

But big news nonetheless for all the tea-drinkers out there! And why you may ask has the ‘Biscuit Brew’ been invented? Well, Tea Innovation Manager (yes, that is a job title), Kate Halloran justified that “Biscuits are so often linked to tea we thought why not just make life easier and put the flavours together in one delicious brew?”

Great idea some may say – us Brits do love a cuppa. But what about the dunk? Where has the dunk gone? Some may argue the dunk is the best bit; I personally love getting out a couple of biscuits and dunking away.

But Yorkshire Tea has gone on to say “We’re offering all the happiness of tea and biscuits – just without the biscuit and any of the potential pitfalls that come with it”.

Any potential pitfalls? They make tea-dunking sound like a truly risky business! Or is Yorkshire Tea trying to reduce our calorie intake in the ever-booming obesity crisis in the UK? I think perhaps is it not the latter…

Is this going to be a winning tea? Are the public going to ditch the classic builder’s tea in favour of the ‘Biscuit Brew’? My thinking is probably not, but if you’re looking for that slightly malt flavouring in your tea then maybe this is the tea for you!

But I still think,  a brew without a dunk is like a book without a face and an Ant without a Dec…oh wait.